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The modern trade union for staff in Lloyds Banking Group, TSB & subsidiary companies.

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We're your voice at work

Accord is a grown-up union offering professional advice and support to its members. We believe there’s a right way to achieve results - and that's through constructive relationships with employers and other unions. 

By keeping the lines of communication open, even when we disagree or can’t get what we want, we can find a way to make the situation better.

When you join Accord, you’re joining more than just a union – you’re joining a family with over 22,000 other members. Together, we’re a loud voice, championing the things that really matter to you at work.

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Meet Accord's General Secretary

Ged Nichols

Ged has worked in the financial services industry since 1979. A union member from his first day of employment, he was a workplace representative and activist before he got his first union job in 1988. He's a strong advocate of progressive trade unionism; grown up unions working positively with decent employers to improve the quality of members’ working lives. He was elected to lead Accord in 1993 and has held the position ever since.

He’s a life-long Everton fan so is generally miserable on Saturday afternoons.

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What our members say…

I became a member of Accord because I'd seen the support they provided to other colleagues and knew I would have their support at work if I needed it. Accord have helped me with some issues, and have helped me to get things resolved quickly.

Neema Shah
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