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Subscription draw

Rules and conditions
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Rules & conditions

We provide members of Accord with chances to win cash and prizes and to provide funds for the union. The subscription draw is one of our member benefits and is completely optional. Find out more about the rules and conditions of the subscription draw. These rules were last updated on the 5th January 2023.


The Subscription draw is open only to members (including associate members) of the union. Any individual who ceases to be a member of the union will only remain eligible for the monthly draw until any prepaid subscriptions have been exhausted. Individuals leaving employment with Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) or TSB (or any other organisation where we're a recognised union partner), may apply for associate membership and continue their membership of the draw.


Income will be created by monthly subscriptions in units of £1.00. Numbers are not transferable. The draw number may change if a member applies to increase the monthly subscription.

Collection of subscriptions

Members paying subscriptions either by means of salary deduction or direct debit may purchase up to five £1.00 units per month.

If paying by salary deduction the appropriate amount will be deducted from the member’s salary by the payroll department at Head Office.

If paying by direct debit the appropriate amount will be collected monthly from the member’s bank accounts, in addition to the relevant subscription rate.

Cancellation of subscription draw membership

Membership of the draw for those paying by salary deduction continues for a six-week period from the date that the union receives written notice of the member’s desire to withdraw.

For those paying by direct debit, membership ceases on cancellation of the direct debit.


No less than 50% of the total subscription will be allocated as prize money as follows:

Prize Availability

Prize Value

First Prize (x1)


Runner-up Prizes (at least x12 monthly)


Periodically extra special prizes (for example, cars or holidays) may be awarded as determined by the promoter. There will be no cash alternatives to non-cash prizes.

All income not allocated as prize money will form part of the funds of the union and will be under control of the promoter in accordance with Accord's rules.

The draw

Each month all numbers sold will be entered into the Subscription draw which will take place at Union Headquarters, or such other venue as may be required by the promoter, on the last weekday of each month.

At each draw the first number drawn shall win the first prize and so on, but any number drawn that has not been prepaid will be disregarded.


We always contact the top prize winners by phone (our favourite call of the month) and runners up are notified via email. The winnings are paid to members by bank transfer. Prizes will only be made available to the person sold the winning number by the promoter.


The decision of the promoter on all matters will be final. The Register and Accounts will be audited each year by the union’s auditors. The promoter of the Subscription draw is responsible for carrying out random checks on the numbers contained in the draw and the Register and Accounts for the draw maintained by the union.

These rules and conditions may be varied from time to time.

Promoter: The General Secretary, Accord, Simmons House, 46 Old Bath Road, Charvil, Reading, Berkshire RG10 9QR

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