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About us

Accord is a modern trade union for staff in Lloyds Banking Group, TSB & subsidiary companies. Established in 1977, we’ve been working collectively with employers for the benefit of our members.

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Who we are & what we do Our structure
who we are, what we do...

We're your voice at work

Accord is a grown-up union offering professional advice and support to its members. We believe there’s a right way to achieve results - and that's through constructive relationships with employers and other unions. By keeping the lines of communication open, even when we disagree or can’t get what we want, we can find a way to make the situation better.

We negotiate collective agreements that determine your pay, terms and conditions and how you’re treated at work. Our collective voice is strong and our agreements some of the best in the industry.

Although we hope you never run into an issue during your employment, sometimes things do unfortunately crop up from time to time. We’ll be there when you need someone on your side. Accord members benefit from confidential, professional advice on any work-related issue.

Living Wage Employer

We're a Living Wage employer, because we believe that we should live our values, inside and out. We're one of more than seven thousand UK businesses who have signed up to a real Living Wage that meets the needs of our staff.

Our values and campaigns
we're the support you need at work…

Strength in numbers

When you join Accord, you’re joining more than just a union – you’re joining a family with over 22,000 other members. Together, we’re a loud voice, championing the things that really matter to you at work.

Accord has around 400 trained workplace representatives across the country who are there to help when things aren't going so well. Reps are the beating heart of the union, and often the first port of call offering advice, guidance, information, and representation.

We have an important seat at the table, and the more members we have, the stronger we are when negotiating about the things that really matter to you.

6 reason to join

Our job

Members trust us with two main tasks:

  • Collective representation - the most obvious of these negotiations occurs annually. Yes, we're talking about the annual pay & reward review.
  • Individual representation - unfortunately, problems at work arise from time to time, and when they do, you’ll want someone there by your side to support you and help get your view across. For example; being overlooked for promotion, being bullied or treated unfairly, being threatened with disciplinary action. But there are many more situations that can arise, and we’ll be here – think of us as your best friend at work.

There are many other benefits too.

Our membership benefits

Union structure

Accord’s HQ is based at Simmons House in Charvil, near Reading. A network of full-time union officers are located across the UK to help staff wherever they work.

  1. General Secretary

    The general secretary is the key spokesperson for the union and leads negotiations with employers. The elections for general secretary are held every four years.

    Get to know Accord's General Secretary

  2. Principal Executive Council (PEC)

    The Principal Executive Council (PEC) is elected by the membership every two years, in the January before the union’s biennial conference. It's led by the president and two vice presidents. All PEC members are employed by businesses the union negotiates with and are directly elected by Accord members.

    The PEC oversees negotiations between Accord and its principal employers. It’s also the union’s governing body.

    Meet the current PEC

  3. Conference

    This is the most important event in the union's calendar as it sets our objectives and agenda for the next two years. Prior to conference, members from up and down the country have the opportunity to put forward issues (we call these motions) which can shape the union’s agenda.

    Motions can seek changes to the way in which members are managed, the terms of their employment or changes to their workplace. Delegates vote on the proposals and those that are successful become the union’s policy. The agenda of business is separated to reflect our main campaigning areas: dignity at work, fair reward and security of employment.

    Find out about our 2022 conference

  4. Section Executive Committee (SEC)

    Each section executive committee is made up of reps who meet to discuss key issues in their part of the business. Each SEC comprises of a maximum of 7 reps who each take responsibility for one or more roles (chair, communications, health & safety, membership & recruitment, secretary and vice chair). They meet regularly to consider all industrial relations issues of exclusive concern in their part of the business.

    Meet the current SECs

  5. Accord Groups

    Groups are created around reps or members with a specific purpose, common interest, or other common attribute such as location. Groups are less formal than executive committees, and each group determines how they manage themselves. Some examples of Accord groups are the managers advisory group, and the equality diversity & inclusion group. The purpose behind groups is to bring individuals together, to work autonomously and to carry out collective work on membership issues.

    1. Reps

      The union’s members elect representatives who also work in (or near to) their location. There are around 350 workplace reps. Every two years, reps elect members of the Principal Executive Council as well as the union’s President.

      Become a rep Find a local Accord rep