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Have you got a problem at work?

Have you been invited to a meeting?

How we can help you...

  1. The demands of modern working life aren’t getting any easier.

    Unfortunately, problems at work arise from time to time in all sorts of areas, like:

    Being threatened with disciplinary action

    Being put at risk of redundancy

    Having your working hours changed or being told you must work excessive hours

    Being treated unfairly by your boss or other colleagues

    Feeling that you’re being discriminated against

    Working in an unsafe or unhealthy environment

    Your achievements and efforts not being recognised through pay rises or promotion opportunities

    Being bullied or harassed

  2. We can support you through all of these unwelcome situations – and more.

    Accord members benefit from confidential, professional advice on any work-related issue. We’ll be there when you need someone on your side.

    Accord has a dedicated and experienced team of advisers. You can find the contact details for your local officer here.

    We negotiate collective agreements that determine your pay, terms and conditions and how you’re treated at work. Our collective voice is strong and our agreements some of the best in the industry.

    In addition, Accord provides a FREE legal advice line for members (and their immediate families) as well as support with employment tribunal applications, personal injury claims and more. Find out more about the legal services available to members.