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Have you got a problem at work?

How can we help you?

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How we can help you...

  1. The demands of modern working life aren’t getting any easier.

    Unfortunately, problems at work arise from time to time in all sorts of areas, like:

    Being threatened with disciplinary action: We can support you during investigations as well as acting as your representative during formal meetings. Our team have years of experience representing members every day, and while we hope you don't need our support, it's one of the reasons why people join unions like Accord. Find out more about how we can support you during a disciplinary process.

    Being put at risk of redundancy: Accord is consulted on arising redundancies and are actively involved in ensuring our members get the right outcome when changes occur. The redundancy policies we've negotiated protect our members' livelihoods, and redundancy terms ensure you get compensation for the loss of your role. Find out more about redundancy rights and the support we provide.

    Changes to working hours: Accord are consulted on changes that impact the working hours and practices of our members collectively. We've also negotiated a process for the business requesting changes to your working hours or location. Find out more about how we support you with working hours conversations.

    Being bullied or harassed: Nobody comes to work to be bullied, and it can feel challenging to address it when it happens. If you are subject to unwanted behaviour, you can speak to our team in complete confidence so we can provide guidance and support. Find out more about how we support you.

    Feeling that you’re being discriminated against: Accord opposes all forms of discrimination, and has a strong track record of supporting our members to address the causes of discrimination when they arise. We support employers taking a strong approach to tackling discrimination and support the creation of inclusive workplace culture. Find out more about discrimination & the support we provide.

    Working in an unsafe or unhealthy environment: Your health & safety is important to Accord. All our workplace representatives take health & safety as a priority. We play a crucial role in shaping health & safety policies in your workplace, both physical and mental health. Our track record of keeping members safe during the pandemic speaks for itself! Find out more about health & safety.

    Your achievements and efforts not being recognised: You should be fairly rewarded and recognised for your efforts and achievements. We actively listen to our members and try to work to ensure everyone feels they are being treated fairly. We negotiate important pay and reward policies each year that helps recognise everyone's overall contribution. Find out more about unfair treatment & our support.

    Wanting to develop in your career & need guidance: Lots of the support we provide is focused towards the things that go wrong and problems that arise during employment. But what about if you're thinking about your future career, wanting to reskill, or simply just want to update your CV? Accord's guide will help you find the right support for you.

  2. We can support you through all of these unwelcome situations – and more.

    Accord members benefit from confidential, professional advice on any work-related issue. We’ll be there when you need someone on your side.

    Accord has a dedicated and experienced team of advisers. You can find the contact details for your local officer here.

    We negotiate collective agreements that determine your pay, terms and conditions and how you’re treated at work. Our collective voice is strong and our agreements are some of the best in the industry.

    Accord provides a FREE legal advice line for members (and their immediate families) as well as support with employment tribunal applications, personal injury claims and more. Find out more about the legal services available to members.

We're here to help


First class support when you need it

First class support when you need it

There are many ways that we support our members:

  • Our dedicated, skilled team of officers and legal advisors are only a contact away. They provide individual representation for members during formal procedures such as at grievance, health wellbeing & attendance, performance, or disciplinary meetings, and are on hand to provide assistance with any other work-related matter that crops up.
  • We have around 400 trained workplace representatives who complement our professional team, spread right across the UK. They're on hand to help you out in your workplace when things aren't going so well. Reps are the beating heart of the union, and often the first port of call offering advice, guidance, information and representation.
  • We've built a catalogue of useful in-depth guidance on our website, covering policies topics such as disciplinary, grievance and health & wellbeing, as well as guidance on menopause and financial wellbeing.
  • Our help centre provides self-help answers at your fingertips covering a broad range of topics about union membership, our benefits, employer specific policies and guidance - plus more.

We've got a network of reps

We've got a network of reps

Reps are the beating heart of the Accord, with around 400 trained workplace representatives across the country who are on hand to help when things aren't going so well. No other union in either LBG or TSB can match this network of support.

Our reps can help you resolve issues locally, and efficiently by working with you and your manager to put things right. Got a policy question? No worries, our reps have a wealth of experience and often know where to find the answer, or they'll find out for you. They look after your health and safety too.

Some of our reps take on greater responsibilities - find out about our reps and their responsibilities.

If you've had support from us, and your workplace doesn’t have a rep, why not think about taking that next step.

Find out about being a rep

How to access support

How to access support

There are many ways that we can support you, and it's easy to get in touch with us:

  • Access our help centre through our website.
  • Check out our guidance centre available through the website.
  • For simple support queries or membership questions, chat to us using our online chat facility (available Monday-Thursday 08:30-17:30 & Friday 08:30-17:00). Out of these hours, the chat function will allow you to leave us a message which we'll respond to via email.
  • If you haven't got much time or your can wait for a response, you can use the quick contact form at the bottom of any page on the website.
  • For more general or urgent queries, we operate a helpline Monday-Thursday 08:30-17:30 & Friday 08:30-17:00. Outside of these hours, we operate a 24hr emergency helpline for issues that can't wait until the next working day. You can call the helpline on: 0118 934 1808.
  • Been invited to a meeting? Complete a representation request form.
  • If you need support at work, find someone in your area to support you.

How representation works

How representation works

As a member of Accord, you can ask us to accompany you at formal meetings. Having an experienced and knowledgeable representative supporting you ensures that you feel as comfortable as possible every step of the way, through what is often a challenging experience. So, let's talk about how representation works.

Watch the video below for more details.

Find out more about representation

What our members say...

I joined Accord back in 1986 when I started my career with the bank - and right from off I realised the value of my membership. As a part-time employee, I was told I couldn't join the bank's final salary pension scheme. Accord was there to support me and take on the challenge which resulted in a win for part-time staff being able to join the scheme. Throughout the 35 years I've been with the bank, with all the mergers and changes, the one constant has been knowing I have the support of Accord whenever I need it.

Rhonda Porter