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Local Accord officer

Accord HQ

Simmons House
46 Old Bath Road
Charvil, Reading
Berkshire, RG10 9QR

General Secretary & Assistant General Secretaries

The general secretary is the key spokesperson for the union and is supported by two assistant general secretaries

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Ged Nichols (he/him)

General Secretary

07973 642 592 ged.nichols@accordhq.org

Paula Tegg (she/her)

Assistant General Secretary (Operations)

07976 291 468 paula.tegg@accordhq.org

Jim Fielding (he/him)

Assistant General Secretary (Negotiations)

07786 664 119 jim.fielding@accordhq.org

Office Team

Meet our office team - they help you with all aspects of your membership, finance and our communications

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Hannah Palette (she/her)

Communications Officer

0118 934 7883 hannah.palette@accordhq.org

Louise Gray (she/her)

Finance Officer

0118 934 7885 louise.gray@accordhq.org

Linny Rankin (she/her)

Membership Administrator

0118 934 7891 linny.rankin@accordhq.org

Tearoa Waugh (she/her)

Membership Administrator (on maternity leave)

Amelia Merrett (she/her)

Membership Administrator

0118 934 7880 amelia.merrett@accordhq.org

Robyn Anderson (she/her)

Membership Administrator

01189 347 888 robyn.anderson@accordhq.org

Casework Team

Meet our professional team of officers - they're on hand to help advise, support and represent you with any work related issues

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Scott Mcdermott (he/him)

Accord Helpline Officer

07766 518 389 scott.mcdermott@accordhq.org

John Dickinson (he/him)

Accord Officer

07973 641 148 john.dickinson@accordhq.org

Sue Johnson (she/her)

Accord Officer

07500 841 573 sue.johnson@accordhq.org

Krisna Lakhani (he/him)

Accord Officer

07825 170 002 krisna.lakhani@accordhq.org

Chris Rimell (he/him)

Accord Officer

07506 540 325 chris.rimell@accordhq.org

Linda Crouch (she/her)

Head of Membership & Services TSB

07766 518 390 linda.crouch@accordhq.org

Russell Waterhouse (he/him)

Accord Officer

07984 602 729 russell.waterhouse@accordhq.org

Alison Thoburn (she/her)

Accord Officer

07826 550 398 alison.thoburn@accordhq.org

Dave Matthews (he/him)

Accord Officer

07506 649 551 dave.matthews@accordhq.org

Recruitment Organisers

Meet our team of recruitment organisers - they may come and speak to you about the benefits of joining the union

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Kieran Corr (he/him)

Recruitment Organiser

07947 706 732 kieran.corr@accordhq.org

Andrew Whitington (he/him)

Recruitment Organiser

07495 913 347 andrew.whitington@accordhq.org

Jim Ferry (he/him)

Recruitment Organiser

07960 287 245 jim.ferry@accordhq.org

Mark Harvey (he/him)

Recruitment Organiser

07495 955 887 mark.harvey@accordhq.org