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Our network of reps are on hand to help

Reps are the beating heart of the Accord, with around 400 trained workplace representatives across the country who are on hand to help when things aren't going so well. No other union in either LBG or TSB can match this network of support.

Our reps help resolve issues locally, and efficiently by working with members and their manager to put things right. We train our reps to build their experience and knowledge and often know where to find the answer, or they'll find out for. They look after health and safety in the workplace too.

Some of our reps take on greater responsibilities - find out about our reps and their responsibilities.

If you've had support from us, and your workplace doesn’t have a rep, why not think about taking that next step.

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What our reps say

I’ve been a union rep for about 5 years or so now. This is my third term which speaks for itself that I’ve opted to go for election each time. Being a union rep has given me opportunities to grow, not only my knowledge of the bank, but it’s also built my confidence and opened doors to me that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. I'd definitely encourage anyone who is interested to go for it.

Heather McDowell
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