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TUC HeartUnions week

HeartUnions week is a national event organised by the TUC. This year it’s taking place from 13 - 19 February 2023. Find out how you can get involved...

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What is HeartUnions week?


What is HeartUnions week?

What is HeartUnions week?

#HeartUnions week is a national event organised by the TUC. This year it’s taking place from 13 - 19th February 2023.

HeartUnions week is a chance to celebrate unions and the good work that we do, to tell the story about why unions are vital for everyone at work, and to encourage people who aren't yet in a union to join one.

When the pandemic hit the UK, the government turned to the trade union movement for ideas to support workers - it's because of unions communicating the value we all have as workers that we secured the furlough scheme, keeping people in employment and protecting jobs through the tough times. We're now in the midst of the worst cost-of-living crisis of generations, and unions have been hard at it keeping employers on the right track even when central government have failed to provide direction and resources. Many workers have received cost-of-living payments.

Accord's own track record speaks for itself - we secured recognition payments during the pandemic and have secured cost-of-living cash payments too. In Lloyds Banking Group, our members voted in favour of the pay agreement we've negotiated by a majority of nearly 9:1 in a record turnout. We're here every day, fighting for your right to decent pay, fair reward and dignity at work. And that's what this week is all about - shouting out loud and clear about the good work that we all do on our members' behalf.

That’s why we’re encouraging all our reps and members to speak to colleagues about Accord and why joining is so important – because ‘Every worker needs a union!

This year, we’re offering 3 months’ free membership to anyone who joins Accord between 13 February – 13 March 2023. All they have to do is enter the promo code: HEARTUNION.

Every worker needs a union. Choose Accord as yours.

What's the benefit of being a union member?

What's the benefit of being a union member?

There are some benefits of having a unionised workforce. Let's take a closer look at some of them:

Higher pay, better work benefits

Working people standing together and collectively negotiating with employers means that union members generally get:

  • higher rates of pay and annual pay rises
  • better sick pay
  • more holidays
  • improved access to flexible working arrangements
  • plus, many other policy provisions improved beyond legal minimum requirements like maternity, paternity and adoption pay and leave

This is because they negotiate with employers, rather than leaving it to managers to decide.

Being treated with dignity & respect

Unions stand up for your right to work in an environment free from discrimination and to ensure you're treated with dignity and respect.

They push employers to make workplaces more inclusive for women, LGBT+ workers, black and minority ethnic workers, older workers, and disabled workers by negotiating progressive policies. Where there’s a strong trade union, employees are far less likely to face problems at work while pregnant, on maternity leave or when they return to work.

Safer & healthier working life

Unions tackle the causes of ill health at work, not just the symptoms. That means lower accident and injury rates, less stress and better understanding and support for those with mental health problems. Every year, unions collectively train 10,000 workers in health & safety.

Workplaces are safer where there's a strong union presence - you only need to look at the responses of unionised workplaces during the Covid-19 pandemic. Trained reps spot unsafe working practices and cut accident rates. That’s why workplaces with union representation have significantly lower injury rates. That's a fact.

Support at work

If you run into problems at work, your union has your back. Every year, unions support thousands of members who run into problems at work - from smaller issues like getting holiday approved, to the significant things like facing disciplinary action. Unions make sure you're treated fairly – without you having to worry about paying for legal support. Whether the problem is with employment contracts, harassment, redundancy, pensions or discrimination - your union will be there to help you.

What can Accord do for you?

What can Accord do for you

When you join Accord, you're joining more than just a union - you're joining an extended family with more than 21,000 other members! Our members trust us with two main tasks:

Collective representation

For over 40 years, Accord has been achieving improvements for members. All through constructive dialogue with your employer.

We negotiate terms and conditions of employment and continuously campaign for improvements. The most obvious of these negotiations occurs annually. Yes, we're talking about whether or not you get an annual pay rise and how much you'll get. But we do more than talk about pay.

Throughout the year, our team of experienced negotiators talk to your employer about policies and procedures that govern the way you're treated at work. Things like better parental leave and pay policies, how performance is managed and how issues are resolved fairly. We demand first class safety in the workplace - our record and your employer's treatment of workers during the Covid-19 pandemic speaks for itself.

Individual representation

Our dedicated, skilled team of officers and legal advisers are really accessible. They provide individual advice, support and representation at grievance, health wellbeing & attendance, performance, or disciplinary meetings, and are on hand to talk you through any other work-related matter that crops up.

Accord has around 400 trained workplace representatives who complement our professional team, spread across the UK. They're on hand to help out in your workplace when things aren't going so well. Reps are the beating heart of the union, and often the first port of call offering advice, guidance, information and representation.

Our voice is louder and stronger when we join together. That's why workers join a union. And that's why many in Lloyds Banking Group and TSB join Accord.

What has Accord done recently for members in Lloyds Banking Group?

What has Accord done recently?

For over 40 years, Accord has been working hard to improve members’ working lives. 

Let’s look back at 2022 and some of our recent achievements in Lloyds Banking Group …

Watch the video below or carry on reading for full details.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, and compounded by the invasion of Ukraine, we’re facing the worst cost-of-living crisis in decades.   

  • To support members through these difficult times we delivered real help through a non-contractual cash payment of up to £1,000 for colleagues in Grades A to G in August 2022 to help cope with the increases in fuel & energy costs, and a further one-off payment of £500 in December 2022 to provide support when members needed it most. (These payments were pro-rated for those working part-time.)
  • We negotiated a pay deal for 2023 that provides a minimum payment of £2,000 for full-time staff, an increase to minimum starting salaries that’s 10% higher than the Real Living Wage and 8% to 13% increases on average in cash flow for all colleagues in grades A to G.
  • We also agreed a change to Group Performance Share awards and Flex payments to consolidate these into pay from July 2023 to avoid future uncertainties and increase the value of the awards over time.
  • And on top of this, we negotiated pay increases for all staff in Fraud and Disputes, and for staff in technology related roles we secured enhancements to the additional payment policy for overtime and callouts.
  • In the last 2 years, over three million pounds in compensation has been won by Accord and its legal team when disputes at work have arisen. That’s roughly £125,000 every month.
  • And our team of specialist personal injury lawyers have negotiated over half a million pounds of compensation for members who have had an accident at work or elsewhere that was no fault of their own.  Importantly, every member got to keep 100% of their award.
  • But not everything we do is about money. We know it’s important that you’re treated with dignity and respect at work.  So, we’ve introduced a network of menopause advocates available to offer support and guidance for those going through the menopause or looking for advice on how to support their friends, colleagues, or partners. Our advocates have a good listening ear and can guide you through the support that’s available.
  • We’ve all learnt a lot about health & safety during the Covid-19 pandemic, and we’ve been keen to keep the focus on this important topic since. We’ve setup regular meetings with LBG’s Group Health & Safety team, negotiated changes to the inspection process, and are doing all we can to keep you safe and healthy at work. 
  • You may remember that in 2020 we negotiated a reduction in the excess you pay for using your employer provided private healthcare insurance (from £200 to £150). In 2022, 911 members in Lloyds Banking Group received payments from our private healthcare cashback scheme by claiming back 50% of their excess payments. That's £66,216.45 we've put back into our members pockets!
  • Accord has continued to make use of the digital tools available to us. We’ve invested in our website to ensure you’re able to find what you need – and we’ve been busy writing new articles, pages and helpful guides.
  • We ran 6 wellbeing webinars with the Bank Workers’ Charity last year – all of which are available to watch-back on the events page of our website.
  • In 2022, we had nearly 4,000 calls to our helpline from members with issues they had at work, ranging from small queries to the big issues like disciplinaries and discrimination cases – in one case our legal team secured a six-figure pay-out for a member who had been treated badly. 
  • There’s plenty more we do behind the scenes on a regular basis to look after our members and their livelihoods. 

And we’ve achieved all this, and much more, through constructive dialogue with your employer.

Now isn’t that something to shout about?

How can I get involved in HeartUnions week?

Organise an event

Organise an event (online or in person) between 13 Feb – 13 March 2023 to promote the great work Accord does for its members, talk about the benefits of joining and share stories about why being a member is important to you. Use one of the event templates available in the resources section below to promote the event for your workplace. And remember to tell your colleagues that if they sign up during this period using the promo code: HEARTUNION they'll be given three months' free membership!

If you’re planning on running an on-site event and need some promotional merchandise, complete an online order form and in the ‘reason for request’ field mention HeartUnions so we can send you some HeartUnions merch.

If you'd like us to promote your event on our website, email the details to: [email protected]

Share your story

Your stories are powerful. As part of HeartUnions week, we want as many people to hear yours, so others can benefit too. So, if you have a positive story to tell that would encourage others to join Accord, we’d love to hear from you. Share it on Twitter or Facebook, tag us @AccordUnion and use #HeartUnions #HeartAccord

If you’d like to remain anonymous, that’s fine. Send us an email: [email protected] and we’ll share your story for you.

Check out our HeartUnions resources below for lots of promotional materials and social media assets for you to share during HeartUnions week.

Wishing you a Happy #HeartUnions Week!

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A message from our General Secretary

Happy HeartUnions Week! There's never been a more important time to be a member of a trade union. Unions have been very much in the news lately, dealing with the difficult issues that confront us. But we're here, 365 days a year, supporting our members in all aspects of their employment and providing other benefits and services to make membership of a trade union really worthwhile.

Ged Nichols, Accord General Secretary
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Accord HeartUnions posters & flyers

HeartUnions promo flyer (LBG)

Share this flyer with LBG colleagues to help promote HeartUnions week and to highlight some of our recent achievements.

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HeartUnions promo poster

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'I heart Accord because...' selfie poster

Print out, write down why you love your union and share a selfie on social media. Remember to tag Accord!

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'I heart my union' selfie poster

Print out, take a selfie and share on social media. Remember to tag Accord!

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Accord HeartUnions event templates

Online event template

Hosting an online event? Use this template to promote your event.

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Site event template

Hosting an event at your workplace? Use this template to promote your event.

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HeartUnions Facebook graphic

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HeartUnions Facebook graphic

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HeartUnions Twitter graphic

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TUC HeartUnions resources


An e-note on talking about unions.

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Unions leaflet

Unions for a better working life leaflet.

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TUC flyer

An A5 flyer & poster you can share with your colleagues.

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What our reps & members say

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Support in difficult times

I had to call upon Krisna’s assistance a few times whilst I was off sick with an auto immune disease. He was extremely helpful and highly knowledgeable, especially when I was due to return to work.

Krisna represented me during formal and informal meetings with the business in regards to health and performance; making sure I knew my rights and felt supported. Without his assistance, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to return to work or push for a phased return that best suited me.

Following Krisna’s attendance, I felt a genuine shift in how I was treated at work. He was there when I needed a friendly voice reminding me that sometimes my perception of some of the actions on my plans weren’t accurate. Krisna was extremely knowledgeable about all of the policies and demonstrated that in meetings when either my manager or I weren’t agreeing.

Tara (name anonymised)
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