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Become a rep

Reps are the beating heart of Accord, with around 400 trained workplace representatives across the country who are on hand to help when things aren't going so well. No other union in either LBG or TSB can match this network of support.

If your workplace doesn’t have a rep, why not take on the role? Find out more below.

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What does a rep do? Find out how to get elected

Being a rep

There are many benefits to being a rep. As well as receiving excellent training, reps often find their union work helps their career path.

Reps are entitled to paid time-off for training and attending meetings and there’s always a friendly voice at the end of the phone at Accord HQ if you need information. Our team of professional trade union officers is also available if you need some extra support.

Interested? Click on our interactive eBite guide which will help you better understand what our reps do. You’ll hear from them in their own words about why they love the role so much...

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Getting elected

Reps are elected by fellow members in their workplace for a period of up to two years at a time.

If your workplace doesn’t have a rep at present, why not take on the role? It’s important, very rewarding, not too time-consuming and our reps really enjoy it!

The next round of elections will take place in September 2023. However, you don’t have to wait until then if you’re interested in becoming a rep.

If your workplace doesn’t have a rep, why not take on the role? Your local Accord officer will help support and guide you through the process. If you’ve already done this, the next step is for you to complete the election form.

Complete an election form  About training

Rep training courses

In order to carry out the duties required as an Accord rep, we need to train and accredit you. We do this through online training called eBites - as well as through face-to-face training programmes. 

You need to go through our induction programme before you can start to undertake the duties of the rep role.

You're entitled to paid time off to attend any of our training, including our online eBites. But you should give adequate notice and agree the time off with your manager. We'll pay any reasonable expenses for face-to-face courses.

Rep induction

Our rep induction programme will provide you with everything you need to get you started in your role.

The online programme consists of 7 eBites which are designed in bite-sized chunks – each should take around 45-60 mins. We start with a bit of a history lesson and a look at the union’s values, and then move through building your knowledge of Accord and the aspects of the rep role (including health & safety and data protection).

You’ll find a quiz at the end of each eBite which will help you to check your understanding – please make sure you complete this. As well as testing your knowledge, you can use it to tell us your thoughts on the eBite itself.

Where we offer face-to-face inductions, these are one day courses and allow a greater amount of collaborative working. You'll be asked to undertake some learning before attending so you come prepared.

Policies & representation

Our policies and representation programme will provide you with everything you need to understand the policies that apply within your employer, and how you can help represent members in your workplace. We won’t accredit you for casework representation until you've completed this course.

At present, we only offer this as a standalone course in a face-to-face format. But we’ll be working to launch this as a complete eBite programme throughout 2021. We’ve already launched an eBite covering the new health wellbeing and attendance policy in Lloyds Banking Group.

Rep leadership

We offer a programme specifically designed for our senior workplace reps (our branch area reps and our divisional site leads in large workplaces). 

This programme is designed to support you if you’ve taken on this role and helps you to step up to take on the additional duties - including supporting the development of reps within your area of responsibility.

Due to Covid-19, we're currently not offering classroom training for reps. Our Accord officers can offer a tailored induction course delivered through Microsoft Teams, however we would encourage you to take a look at our eBite programme which offers comprehensive learning for new reps. If you need support with your training, contact your local Accord officer.

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What our reps say…

I’ve been a union rep for about 5 years or so now. This is my third term which speaks for itself that I’ve opted to go for election each time. Being a union rep has given me opportunities to grow, not only my knowledge of the bank, but it’s also built my confidence and opened doors to me that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. I'd definitely encourage anyone who is interested to go for it.

Heather McDowell
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I’ve been a union rep for 11 years. Hand on heart, it's been one of the best experiences of my career. I’m proud of all the great things we achieve for our members every day. Not only have I supported members, I’ve built amazing relationships with people right across the company that I wouldn’t have been able to do without being a rep. It's been amazing.

Jack Brasser
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