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Hannah Palette & Linny Rankin - Accord membership & communications

Terms & conditions of membership

Nobody likes small print, so we want to make it easy for you to understand what you're signing up to when you join Accord.

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Terms & conditions of membership

Nobody likes small print, so we want to make it easy for you to understand what you're signing up to when you join Accord. By joining Accord, you agree to our terms and conditions. The union is governed by a set of rules which set out of objectives, purpose, and how we organise. This includes rules associated with your membership.

Paying your subscription

When you complete the direct debit mandate section of the application form, you give us authority to set up your membership and monthly subscription payment. If you change your bank account, or want to pay your union subs with a different bank account, this can be done online through your membership profile, or by contacting the membership team.

For Accord to support you with workplace issues that arise, you need to continue to pay your membership subscription. It's your responsibility to keep your payment method updated, and to ensure you have sufficient funds in your account to pay your subscription.

Direct Debit guarantee logo

Direct debit payments are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee. If you think you've been overcharged, please check out our help article and contact us if you need further guidance. Direct debit payments include any tickets you may have bought in our subscription draw.

Missed payments

We know that sometimes things go wrong and for whatever reason a direct debit request is returned to us as rejected. Whenever this happens, we'll write to you to let you know that we've been unable to process your payment and we'll attempt to collect the missed payment along with the following month’s. If that subsequent direct debit is also rejected, we'll write to you again confirming this and ask you to get in touch with us to get things back on track, but should we not hear back from you, your membership will lapse.

Subscription increases

From time to time, we may need to change our subscription rates, and we do this in accordance with our rules. By joining, you consent to us implementing changes to your payment subscription rates. Should we change our subscription rates, we'll write to you and let you know.

Updating your details

It's your responsibility to let us know about changes to your personal details, including your employment details. If a change to your employment details results in a change to your subscription rate, we'll let you know (for example, if you change the number of hours you work or leave an employer where we have a recognition agreement in place). We don't make retrospective refunds to your subscriptions if you haven't let us know about a change which affects your payment, so please do keep your details up-to-date.

You can update your details online through your membership profile.


You can cancel your membership with us at any time, however we ask for one month's notice to be provided to us. We provide a cancellation form for you to complete, but before you say goodbye, we do like to explore alternative options. Find out more on our cancellation options page.

Unless you submit a cancellation request, your membership will continue with us if you leave or change your employer. You're welcome to remain a member, just let us know your new employment details and we'll ensure you are on the correct subscription rate.

Pre-existing issues

We are unable to offer full representation, including legal advice, for problems that arose before you joined Accord. You can still join Accord, even with a pre-existing workplace issue, but bear in mind that we only offer new members who join with an existing issue telephone and email advice - we can’t offer representation for that particular issue. You won't be eligible to use a promo code to join us if up are joining with a pre-existing issue.

If something new arises during your membership, you'll be entitled to full support and representation, as long as you’ve continued to pay your membership subscription.

Membership benefits

Most of our membership benefits are available to you from day one of your membership with Accord. However, there are some eligibility terms associated with the private healthcare cashback scheme, our free subscription periods for parental leave, and our lifelong learning scheme. For example, you need to have made 12 continuous monthly payments to us before you are eligible to claim for private medical expenses or have been a member for 3 years to access our lifelong learning scheme.

Some membership benefits can be used by your family or friends. We provide details of all the terms for our membership benefits alongside information on how to use them on our website.

Your personal data

When you join Accord, you give us authority to process your personal data. We do this in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Promotional codes

Occasionally we may offer promotional (promo) codes as an incentive to join the union. For example, when we want to give new-to-bank colleagues an opportunity to experience being part of Accord. We do this because starting a new job can be overwhelming and new starters may need our support in those early days. For younger colleagues in particular it gives them the chance to find out what a union actually is – many simply don’t know. 

We may also use codes for specific campaigns or promotional days when we're visiting a specific workplace for the purposes of talking to potential members.

Not everyone who joins Accord will be given a promo code and we don't apply codes retrospectively if you've joined us without one.

All codes are time limited with a set expiry date - usually not less than one month from being issued. You should be informed of the expiry date at the time of issue.


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