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05 December 2023

November 2023 - Accord's website update:
We've made some improvements

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Improving how we communicate with you

We've been working hard to improve how we communicate with you. A couple of changes are on the way as a result. We hope you like them.

Simplifying out communication types

We've simplified the types of communication you can select from, preserving the options you've already made so you shouldn't receive anything from us that you weren't expecting or already receiving.

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Email alert service

In addition, from 19th December we'll be switching on a new email alerts service. This is designed to keep you up to date by putting relevant news and other information that's relevant to you straight into your mailbox. We limit the number of emails you'll receive through the service, so we promise you're not going to be bombarded with information you don't want - and of course you can change the types of alerts you receive at any time. 

We're excited to share this change with you, so let's get stuck in and explain how it works...

How email alerts work:

Our email alerts are simple. You select the types of information you’re interested in, and we do the rest!

Below is an example of an alert email from Accord.

Example alert

Example alert

This is an example of our alert emails.

Log in now and head to the Accord email alerts section to set up your preferences.

If you've previously opted in to receiving communications from us about equality matters or our magazines, these options have both been migrated into our email alert service, and we've preserved your selection. 

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at [email protected]

Check and update your membership details online

Did you know that we have a secure members area where you can check and update your details online?

To update your details, click the 'Update your details now' button below, and enter your email address (it can be any of the email addresses that you have provided to us). You’ll be emailed a unique link to access your profile. The link will expire after 15 minutes for security purposes. Once logged in, you can make changes to all your details, but some sections such as the employment and payment details need us to manually approve the changes so won't be updated immediately.

Update your details now

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