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01 November 2023

Accord TSB newsround

November 2023
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Your newsround this month...

CIO Transformation

TSB’s Chief Information Office outlined its strategic plans for “transformation to stabilise, optimise and evolve.”

It has today announced plans for the next stage of this “transformation journey”.

This will result in a number of new specialist roles being created to meet future capabilities and responsibilities but it will also mean that a number of current roles will not exist in the new model.

Arising from this, some staff are at risk of redundancy. A period of individual consultation will now begin with 1:1 meetings.

We have made clear to TSB that we expect all opportunities for redeployment to be explored and that redundancies should be kept to a minimum.

We’re committed to supporting Accord members through these changes and we can provide advice, guidance, and support on a confidential basis.

If you’re impacted or just want to know more, please contact Accord’s Linda Crouch by email: [email protected] or by phone on 07766 518390

Linda is being supported by our senior reps in TSB: Andy Baker - [email protected] and 07766 363599 Michelle White - [email protected] and 07495 955887

Pay and Reward 2024

We’ve opened talks with TSB on pay & reward for 2024 and are in the early stages. We’ll report back as soon as we have some news.

Flex benefits

TSB will soon be inviting you to review and register for flex benefits – the window opens on the 16th November. We’ve seen that there’s some enhancements to the medical benefit, critical illness and dental cover plans this year.

Colleagues at Grades B to D will see the value of Flex Benefits has increased from 4% to 9%. This is as a result of 5% of your variable pay award being consolidated into flex and was part of the 2023 pay & reward agreement.

As a reminder, one of the benefits of Accord membership is our private healthcare cashback scheme. This could return 50% of the excess you pay towards any private medical treatment under TSB’s scheme. You can find full details and the important terms and conditions on our website.

Reps team at Barnwood

We’ve got a new Accord Reps team at Barnwood who are looking forward to supporting and advising colleagues. You’ll find their contact details on our poster - please contact them if you have any queries or comments.

They will be reaching out to teams in Barnwood and letting them know of upcoming surgery dates, awareness and recruitment activities.

Sheldon site move

TSB have now confirmed the new site for colleagues in Sheldon – it's a modern location with great facilities.

However, we understand that a move will not be convenient for everyone, and some of you may have concerns.

TSB have organised a working group to work through issues relating to the move. Our Senior Accord Rep, Michelle White will be part of the group. If you have any concerns you’d like raising, please contact Michelle directly.

Michelle and other members of the Accord team are planning visits to Sheldon over the next few weeks, and we’ll be there to advise on membership benefits, offer support and guidance with any concerns and will be looking for new reps to form a Reps team in Sheldon. Look out for details, or contact our team directly: [email protected] or [email protected].

Property check for RAAC

In recent meetings, we’ve asked TSB to confirm whether any of their properties contain RAAC (reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete).

TSB have confirmed that 2 branches are being checked over by a structural engineer and as a precautionary measure are temporarily closed. Colleagues have been relocated to surrounding branches until the assessments have been completed.

We will wait to hear the outcome of the report. We’ll keep you posted if any further actions is needed.

Consultation meetings

Accord regularly meets with TSB to discuss and negotiate on policies, colleague reward, support and career development. TSB have published myTSB which collates everything available to you in one place with links to further information. You can access it via the HR intranet pages.

Emergency flee fund

A recent addition to TSB colleague support is the Flee fund to support colleagues escape from domestic abuse. It follows the launch earlier this year of the emergency flee fund for customers, supporting with payments of between £50 - £500, depending on their individual circumstances.

To access the fund and other support, colleagues can speak in confidence with their manager or contact HR People Services. The payment will be transferred into a safe TSB account that only the domestic abuse survivor has access to. The money can be used to cover essentials at the point of crisis such as travel, temporary accommodation, clothing and toiletries.

Accord’s guidance page lists other support available for domestic abuse survivors, and lots of information if you just want to know more about the issue.

Bank Workers Charity webinar

If you’re convinced you don’t deserve the successes you’ve achieved; that you’re a fraud that's somehow fooled people into seeing you as highly competent, you may be experiencing imposter syndrome.

Estimated to affect 1 in 7 people, it can have a damaging impact on self-esteem, work performance and career development. Here we look at who's affected, and we identify steps you can take to minimise its effects.

We've teamed up with the Bank Workers Charity for a wellbeing webinar to explore imposter syndrome, including who may be experience it, and to help us identify steps we can take to minimise its effects.

Find out more & register to attend

Let us know your thoughts

If you have any feedback on the above items or would like other items to be included in our discussions with TSB, please contact [email protected].

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