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16 April 2024

Community Bank extending personal banking calls to more colleagues

For members in LBG
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More branch colleagues to take personal banking telephone calls

The Community Bank plans to extend the proof of concept currently underway in some branches by increasing the number of colleagues taking customer calls.

18 branches in the experiment currently close 1 or 2 days per week with colleagues taking calls in branch. That approach will continue, but any colleague involved in the expansion will be asked to work from home.

As a result of our discussions with the business about this change, we’ve negotiated an additional responsibility payment of £1,500 per annum (which will not be pro-rated for part time colleagues) for all grade A colleagues and their managers who take part. We’ve also negotiated a back-payment for the colleagues involved in the existing 18 branches.

This change won’t suit everyone, and we’ve got a commitment from the business that individual circumstances will be fully considered. Line managers will hold 1:1 meetings shortly to explain what’s happening.

Grade B colleagues and any MaPAs aligned to a branch proposed for closure will be asked to work from another branch within the Community Bank. Travel & Mobility guidance (used for branch closures) of 20 miles or 1 hour each way will apply. Any additional expenses will be paid by Lloyds Banking Group.

Supporting members

We’ve contacted Accord members about this change. Should impacted colleagues need advice or assistance after their 121, please contact your local Accord officer.

We are keen to hear about member treatment during this change and any feedback should be sent to [email protected].

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