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18 October 2023

World Menopause Day 2023

Let's keep talking
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Let's keep talking

Today is World Menopause Day. A day to raise awareness, break the stigma and highlight the support that's available. Unlike awareness days, menopause is something that lasts for longer than 24 hrs. We’ve continued to work jointly with Lloyds Banking Group to help colleagues manage the menopause from start to finish and offer practical support and guidance to help many people through this major life transition.

This World Menopause Day, we're highlighting the great support that's available.

Why we're talking about menopause

If you've read anything we've written on the subject in the past, you'll already know why we're talking about menopause. It's an important topic that until more recently was overlooked.

The menopause is a life stage that every woman and transgender man will experience, as well as non-binary people who don't identify as female. But the impacts are also wider - we work with people, have friends or family who may be experiencing the symptoms of menopause. It benefits everyone when we talk about menopause and shows that we care for those around us.

There's also around 4.4 million people over the age of 50+ who are in work and menopausal, and around 13 million menopausal people in the UK.

And the startling fact is that in the UK right now, 1 in 10 workers have left their job purely because of the symptoms of menopause - and it's clear that having a caring and supportive manager makes a significant impact to those experiencing symptoms.

Here are some further statistics you may not know:

What are we doing?

In October 2021 Lloyds Banking Group launched improved menopause guidance – but our joint work didn’t stop there. 

Since then, Accord launched a menopause activity month which included training for reps and our staff, an awareness webinar hosted with the Bank Workers Charity, and new guidance with sources of support and practical tips. 

We also launched our own network of menopause advocates. Our menopause advocates have been getting involved in activities in workplaces, raise awareness and signpost to support across the UK

We've created some resources to help members and managers to have collaborative and supportive conversations, and this year we've launched a new poster campaign to encourage men specifically to join the conversation.

There's been lots of great things happening in Lloyds Banking Group too. The highlight for us is the new pack called 'Menopause on the road' (internal LBG access only) which helps support teams having conversations and raising awareness themselves. The best way to get talking is to get talking!

This year there's also some new guidance from Acas which is worth a look, Inclusive workplaces – supporting women through menopause.

Online events

Today at 7pm Dr Louise Newman and Dr Rebecca Lewis will be hosting a live webinar for World Menopause day. If you have the time to join, it's hotting up to be a great event, and you'll be joining many other people from around the world focusing on cardiovascular disease.

Lloyds Banking Group have been running a series of sessions with Diane Danzebrink which we'd recommend you take a look at too. These are available through the bank's internal SharePoint.

BWC Wellbeing Webinar

If you can't catch it, we've got the recording of the webinar we hosted in January 2022 with the Bank Workers Charity (BWC). The session looked at both the perimenopause (the transition into menopause) and the menopause.

During the session, Heena Kang from the BWC examined the silence that often surrounds the subject and provided guidance on where to get specialised support. We also looked at the astonishing impact of the menopause at work, and how some employers are becoming menopause friendly.

Watch the recording Download the slides

Resources and further support

Accord's ED&I Group

Accord equality logo

The Accord Equality Diversity & Inclusion group’s aim is to maximise our members' potential, regardless of background, and ensure everyone is treated with dignity and respect. It’s a place where diversity is celebrated, without prejudice or judgement. It’s a chance to collectively learn from our experiences and enrich all our lives.

The group get involved in a broad spectrum of events across the year. If you’re interested, why not get involved — email us at [email protected] or register to join online.

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