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18 October 2021

World Menopause Day 2021
We're starting a revolution

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We’re starting a revolution on World Menopause Day

Today is World Menopause Day. Menopause affects us all.  Not just women of “a certain age”.  All of us – in one way or another.  

Listen to this short message from Accord’s General Secretary, Ged Nichols:

Ged Menopause video message

We don’t want today to pass by as just another of those named days where people show interest for 24 hours, but then things go back to the way they were.  So, we’ve been working with Lloyds Banking Group on what we can do together to help colleagues manage the menopause from start to finish and how colleagues not directly affected can show support and empathy for what is a major life transition for millions.

Changing the culture at work

Our own research made it clear that members want change.  Change in the culture at work that makes it easier to talk about their transition and the physical and mental impacts the menopause has on them.  And they want better support too.  Both from their line managers and their colleagues.  Other changes, like access to specialist medical care and the design and supply of staff uniforms have also been called for.

We’ve listened to that feedback and worked with LBG to introduce a number of initiatives today. Read our joint statement here.

The launch of new support

And here’s what’s being launched to support those in transition and all colleagues in better understanding menopause and creating an inclusive culture where it’s OK to talk about it:

Check out LBG's intranet for lots more info - including an insightful interview with Davina McCall.

Menopause isn’t a dirty word.  It’s a fact of life.  A transition that impacts millions.  And it’s something that’s being debated at the highest level.  Carolyn Harris, MP, has called for a “menopause revolution” and her private member’s bill on the menopause will be debated in Parliament on 29th October.  We hope that the work we’re doing with LBG is the beginning of our own menopause revolution.  By working together with your support and understanding we can make LBG a much more inclusive working environment.  And that can only be a good thing.

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