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LBG: Menopause Let's Talk sessions

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These events are open to Lloyds Banking Group employees only

Lloyds Banking Group is bringing you a new series of events to support your health and wellbeing at work, through your menopause journey.

Based on your feedback, Diane Danzebrink is back, covering specific topics across four hour-long sessions which will all be recorded. The series is open to everyone in Lloyds Banking Group - whether you are menopausal yourself or supporting someone who is and each of the sessions will also include a Q&A so if you would like to submit a question, please use the links within each invite.

All the events are below so you can download them to your calendar and all the replays will be shared on this site, the Menopause Let's Talk community and on the Group Menopause Hub.

Don't forget their MenoHealth sessions covered some of these topics as well as many others and you can find all the replays and factsheets here as well as all of Diane's previous sessions below.

 This is an externally hosted event by the Lloyds Banking Group through the Teams platform. Accord is not responsible for this material.

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