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Read our guidance below on what to do if you’ve been discriminated against.

Discrimination means treating a person unfairly because of who they are or because they possess certain characteristics. If you’ve been treated differently from other people only because of who you are or because you possess certain characteristics, you may have been discriminated against.

Discrimination is when someone is treated unfairly for any of these reasons:

These are called ‘protected characteristics’ under the law (the Equality Act 2010). Discrimination based on any of these protected characteristics is usually against the law.

Our team of professional advisers can help you determine whether you have been discriminated against and how best to pursue a claim. Firstly, with your employer (if appropriate) or through the legal system if that’s the best route.

These issues can be complicated but we can walk you through your options and provide legal advice and representation where appropriate. Get in touch with your local Accord officer.


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