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21 January 2021


A guide to redundancy, your rights, and the support you can get through your union membership.

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Redundancy: Your rights at work

If you’re told you’re at risk of redundancy, do you know where to go to find out your rights, check what notice and pay you’re entitled to and what you can do if you want to appeal the decision? We’ve negotiated some of the best job security terms in the industry and we’re experienced in supporting members at such a critical time. 

We've created an interactive guide, which will provide you with guidance on:

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Available support:

Lloyds Banking Group information

Lloyds Banking Group have produced a guide which talks through their approach to redundancy, selection and redeployment and provides all the information you should need on appealing decisions, the redundancy pay terms and what happens to your colleague benefits.

Appeal against selection for redundancy

Help writing a CV

Help finding a new job

  • Check out what your employer provides already. They may have an 'outplacement' service which helps you plan for your future career, including finding new jobs externally and upskilling for the change.
  • The Bank Workers Charity has partnered with Renovo (an 'outplacement' service that some employers use) to provide 6 months' free access to Workfriend. Workfriend is a portal that includes a CV builder, job search engine, interview simulator and much more - watch this video for more info.
  • The TUC's Unionlearn have made a tool called Create your own future which helps you consider your career path and options that fit in with your interests. There's a separate and shorter version called Value my skills if you just want to think about your skills and capabilities.
  • Check out the Lloyds Bank Academy - you don't have to work for them to use this resource.
  • There are many other services out there that might be helpful, including Learn my way or using LinkedIn to help you.


  • Bumping is a process that some employers use to try and match people who have been selected for redundancy and wish to remain in employment, with others that would like to voluntarily leave.
  • You don't have to be doing the same role as the 'bumpee' in order to be considered for bumping. But there must be a significant job match along with some other criteria.
  • Talk to your local Accord officer to help you identify potential bumping opportunities.

Pregnancy & maternity rights

Got questions?

Still got questions? Here are some resources that could help you:

What happens to my Accord membership

Leaving your employer doesn't mean you have to leave your union. Did you know that you're entitled, by law, to be a member of the union of your choice, no matter who your employer is?

You may be choosing to leave the world or work or taking time out to consider your next career move. But leaving work doesn't mean you need to lose access to the many benefits of your union membership.

Find out more about associate membership, including how to let us know you want to switch when you leave.

Find out about associate membership Switch to associate membership

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