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Accord reps at Leeds regional meeting May 2023

Welcome to the Accord family

Congratulations on becoming a union rep!

On this page you'll find everything you need to get you started in your new role, including getting your IT access and starting your training.

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You’re now a union rep

So what now?

Congratulations on becoming a union rep. If this is your first time being a union rep, you may be wondering what to do now - and even if you've been a rep for us in the past there are still some things, we ask you to do to get you started in your role.

First off, let's go through some logistics. Here's a quick checklist:

  • Let your manager and the members in your workplace know that you’ve been elected.
  • Complete a consent form so we can publish your details on the Accord website.
  • Look up the details of your Regional Officer and other reps in your workplace or area using our local support finder, - you may want to save the page to your favourites for future use!
  • We'll talk about training again shortly - but it's a good idea to book some time in so that you can complete your Accord rep training without delay. Work with your manager to agree some time out of your daily duties to get started.
Getting setup in your role
You’re now a union rep

Getting setup in your role

There are a number of things you will need as a union rep to get you started. 

Place IT@LBG orders

As a Union Representative with Accord, you're going to need to order some items through IT@LBG. 

Step by step guide on items to order

Set up your Accord email signature

Now that you're a union rep, you'll want to include this on your auto-signature in Outlook. This is an effortless way of letting everyone know that you're a rep and provides quick contact information and other links to Accord that will help your members.

Add your details to the Accord rep finder

Now that you're a rep, you'll want members in your workplace or area to be able to find your contact details directly through our website. 

We recommend you complete your rep training first so that you know what's expected of you and you are confident how to manage members' data securely.

Once you've completed your training, fill in our consent form to confirm you're happy for your contact details to be listed in the rep finder. 

If you'd like us to display an image of you, please email this to [email protected] 

Consent form

Getting your IT access sorted

As we've described already, there are a number of orders you'll need to place on the IT@LBG ordering system to get yourself setup as a rep. Here are some short guides to help you through the process:

Ordering External email access

Ordering external email access

  1. Go to IT@LBG 
  2. Select 'Search'
  3. Type ‘Personal Mailbox Requests’
  4. Under ‘Personal Mailbox Request’ select ‘Request’
  5. Under 'please select your request type', select ‘External Email for existing mailbox’
  6. Under 'please select your order type', select ‘Enable’
  7. Under 'please select your SMTP address', choose the option that fits with your existing email e.g. @halifax.co.uk or @lloydsbanking.com
  8. In the text box ‘Please enter business rational for External Email Access’, please type ‘To support members within my workplace and communicate with Accord staff’
  9. Select ‘Add to cart’
  10. Select ‘Cart’ and ‘Checkout’

Your line manager will need to approve this request.

What the request should look like

Ordering access to Accord's Viva Engage, SharePoint & Teams

Ordering access to Accord's Viva Engage, SharePoint & Teams

New for 2024

  1. Go to IT@LBG & Select ‘Search’
  2. Type ‘Tenant Access Request’
  3. Under ‘Tenant Access Request’ select ‘Request’
  4. Under ‘Order type’, select ‘New’
  5. Under ‘Please select Access’ select ‘Accord Representative Access’
  6. In the text box ‘Please enter business rational for External Email Access’, please type ‘To communicate with fellow Union Reps and gain access to collaborate with Accord'.
  7. Select ‘Add to cart’
  8. Select ‘Cart’ and ‘Checkout’
  • Your line manager is required to approve this request
  • You don't require band G approval for this order
Download screenshots of order

Access confirmation

Once your orders have been submitted and you have received an 'Order Complete' email please complete the below form to allow us to send you an invite to the Accord system. 

IT Access confirmation
Got your access? Let's talk training
So, what's next?

Time to get training

  • Discuss with your line manager when is the best time to start your training.
  • Download the rep workbook which you’ll complete during your training
  • Complete our rep induction online eBitesThis online programme consists of a number of eBites which are designed in bite-sized chunks – each should take around 45-60 minutes.
  • Email your local officer to confirm you have completed the induction.
Start your training