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16 April 2021

2021 shift review update in Customer Services

Newsflash for members in Customer Services
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Update: 2021 shift review in Customer Services

Following LBG's announcement of a shift review in Customer Contact and Customer Operations, most colleagues will know the outcome of the shift review by now. The following update was issued as a newsflash email to affected members.

Most colleagues will know the outcome of the shift review by now. The vast majority (93%) have been granted their 1st or 2nd preferences. Actual shift times will be confirmed on 26th April 2021 and will take effect from week commencing 21st June 2021.

Some members may have a significant difficulty switching to their new shift. For those, there is a right to have your reasons heard and reviewed. Follow our guidance below:

If you want general guidance on escalating your case or any other aspect of the shift review, please get in touch with the officer who covers your workplace – contact details below by workplace postcode.

Need support?

Impacted members who need advice, guidance or support should get in touch with the officer for their workplace.

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