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Subscription draw

Every month, the Accord subscription draw makes a lucky jackpot winner £5,000 better off and runners up each get £250. Hear from our winners.

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Natasha Walmsley - Lottery winner

Natasha hits the jackpot!

Natasha Walmsley, a Fraud and Disputes Complaints Manager for Lloyds Banking Group, won the £5k jackpot in July’s subscription draw.

Natasha only recently joined the draw with one ticket, so was shocked when she got the call from Accord to tell her about the win.

I was so excited when I found out I’d won. At first, I thought it was too good to be true and even questioned whether the call was genuine! I couldn’t believe I was so lucky. I’m just so grateful.

I recently bought my first home with my boyfriend so I’ll be using the money to pay off some debts, do up the house and I may even get myself a few little treats too!

I haven’t had to use Accord for support or representation yet, but with all the changes to hybrid and compressed working, it’s possible I may need some help soon. I’d highly recommend joining Accord to all my colleagues – I know a lot of people they’ve been helping with the recent business changes and have always been helpful with any questions I’ve had too.

John Fisher - runner-up winner

John's win makes a big difference

John Fisher from People & Places in Chester, won a £250 prize in the Accord subscription draw in May. 

He’s been a member of Accord for 42 years - since he joined the Group. This was his first win, and although it wasn't the big prize, he made a big difference with his winnings.

I was on holiday and checked the balance on my account and had to do a security check to validate it! I’ve worked for the Group 42 years this year, so this has come as a great surprise and first win.

Having been diagnosed with Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer last year, I recently reached the 12-month anniversary of my prostate removal in July. I have therefore donated the monies to Prostate Cancer UK, as they have help me and so many other men, so it is time to give something back.

Did you know...

1 in 8 men will get prostate cancer - this includes Trans women and non-binary people too. Some people are at greater risk: those over 50, those who have black or multiple ethnicities, or if your dad or brother had it.

When prostate cancer is caught early, it's more easily treatable. It's not always life-threatening. 

Prostate Cancer UK have a risk checker which can help establish the risk factors for you. But regardless of risk, if you notice changes in how you wee, or if it becomes painful, it’s important to get it checked by your GP.

You’ve got to be in it to win it!

Accord gives away £1,000s in prizes every month. One lucky winner gets £5,000 and runners-up each get £250. The runners-up prize was increased from £100 to £250 starting from January’s draw – even more reason to enter!

Members can purchase up to five tickets at £1 each. You can add or remove tickets in the subscription draw at any time by logging into your account.

Accord donates 10% of the draw surplus to two children's charities; NSPCC and Children 1st. Both charities exist to prevent abuse and neglect, to protect children and keep them safe from harm. The donations are made yearly.

You can view the subs draw terms and conditions here.

Stacey Williams & her daughter - Lottery winner

Recent lucky £250 winners!

Knowing you pay a small amount each month to have the support and advice from Accord is great - but to also get an email saying I'd won £250 was incredible! It helped towards my daughter’s birthday - she got the treats she deserves. Thank you so much!

Stacey Williams
Suzanne Irish-Deverill and husband - Lottery winner

I was thrilled to find out I had won £250 on the subscription draw in May. I put the money towards our trip to Silverstone to watch the F1 British Grand Prix with my husband. We treated ourselves to some team merchandise, and a meal to celebrate a fabulous result for both McLaren & Mercedes!

Suzanne Irish-Deverill