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Hannah Palette & Linny Rankin - Accord membership & communication

Complaints policy

How we handle complaints
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Member complaints procedure

This policy sets out how we deal with general complaints in relation to the service a member has received, including how a personal case has been handled. Complaints that are made in relation to actions taken that are contrary to Accord's rules will be handled as laid out in the dispute resolution section of our rules.

We have a two-stage complaint process.

Complaint process

  1. When a complaint is received from a member it will be acknowledged within two working days.

    An officer without any previous knowledge of the case will then investigate and make the necessary enquiries and respond to the member. A formal response to complaints will normally be sent within ten working days of the complaint being made.

    When formally responding to the member, they will be advised that if they are dissatisfied, they can ask for the matter to be reviewed or given further consideration.

  2. Where the member is not satisfied and asks for the matter to be reviewed or given further consideration, the complaint will be acknowledged within two working days.

    The Assistant General Secretary (Operations) or other appropriate person will then review the matter and make the necessary enquiries and respond to the member. This response will normally be sent within ten working days of the complaint being lodged.

    When formally responding the member will be advised that there is no further right of appeal.

Make a complaint

We strive to ensure that our members always receive the best service from us. There may however be times where things have gone wrong or we've fallen short of your expectations. We do our best to resolve complaints as quickly and as thoroughly as possible, putting things right where we can.

Should you need to make a complaint, contact us below setting out the nature of your complaint.

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