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Shared parental leave

For members in Lloyds Banking Group.

We’ve negotiated family friendly policies with Lloyds Banking Group and while we can't provide every answer here, let's take a look at some of the frequently asked questions about pregnancy, maternity, and shared parental leave - and don't forget you may be eligible to get a subscription free period from the union too.

Last updated: 05/09/2023

Shared parental leave & Pay

At Lloyds Banking Group in the UK, Occupational Maternity Pay (OMP) and Occupational Adoption Pay (OAP) is available from the first day at work, so there isn’t a minimum period you need to have worked, or a minimum period between being back at work before you can go off on a subsequent period of leave. You just need to give the right notice and provide the right paperwork. 

However, to qualify for Shared Parental Leave (SPL) and Shared Parental Pay (SPP), you must meet the statutory eligibility criteria which includes having worked for your employer continuously for 26 weeks at the end of the 15th week before the baby is due. If you qualify, then there is an entitlement to Maternity or Adoption leave of 52 weeks for a mother or primary adoptive parent, 39 weeks can be paid through statutory pay (if eligible).

When considering SPL, the mother or primary caregiver is ending their entitlement to leave early and creating a shared pot of leave and pay with a partner. It's up to the parent to decide how much leave to take and share, but you must notify your manager that leave is being transferred.

Where parents are eligible for SPL and SPP, Lloyds Banking group provide 26 weeks' pay based on 100% of your relevant weekly earnings. After this, a further 13 weeks can be paid at the statutory rate.

Notifying your manager

As a partner sharing the mother or adoptive carer's leave, you must provide at least 8 weeks' notice, and the mother or adoptive carer must give notice and stop their own period of leave - for those eligible for maternity allowance, this must also be stopped to be eligible for shared parental pay.

Other important information

Sharing your leave can look quite complicated, but here are a couple of things to note:

  • You may share as much or as little between partners/caregivers. The first 2 weeks after birth or adoption must be taken by the mum or the primary adoptive carer. There is a maximum of 50 weeks of leave and 37 weeks of pay that can be shared.
  • Where both the mother or primary carer and the partner work for the bank, there is a maximum of 26 weeks of full pay available to each of you. This includes a partner's eligibility for 6 weeks paid leave (so, for example, you could share up to 14 weeks of full pay, plus the 6 weeks of paternity leave).
  • If the partner works for another organisation, then the rate of pay they’ll be entitled to is whatever their employer offers and not the entitlement under the banks policy.
  • If the partner works for the bank, and the mother does not, 26 weeks of full pay are available inclusive of the entitlement to 6 weeks paternity leave (paternity leave can be taken across the first 12 months from the birth of the baby).
  • Adoption leave applies to the main carer only, but leave can still be shared with a partner.
  • Sharing leave doesn't have to mean taking it in turns, you can decide to take your leave at the same time, or you can vary it. It's entirely up to you to decide how to share the leave.

The government has launched online tools to help expectant parents and their employers to navigate Shared Parental Leave & Pay eligibility and statutory entitlements.

Annual leave

Any holiday you've accrued before your leave starts can either be paid to you, or you can carry over into the next year as long as you take it at the end of your shared parental leave, otherwise a maximum of 5 days can be carried over and the rest paid to you. Holiday continues to accrue while on leave.

We recommend talking to your manager about how you wish to use your leave when you're discussing your leave or when you're close to returning. You can also use your accrued leave as part of a phased return back to work.

Keeping in touch (KIT) & Shared parental leave in touch (SPLIT) days

There is an entitlement for 10 KIT days without ending your maternity, adoption leave. These are paid days and could be used for attending team meetings, completing training or even as part of your transition back into work. You should confirm with your manager how and when you want to use these days, but you don't have to planned them out in advance. You'll be paid a full day, regardless of how many hours you attend work for on a given day.

Similarly, there are 20 SPLIT days available for those on shared parental leave. These are separate to KIT days.

Need support?

If you need further support or guidance, contact your local Accord officer to discuss further, feel free to chat to us through our online chat (available Monday-Thursday 8:30-17:30 & Friday 08:30-17:00), or drop us an email to [email protected].

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