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Planning for your future career

The pace of change in the world of work has been accelerating over many years as companies seek to utilise technology to automate processes or keep up with the changing demands of customers. FinTech's, cloud computing, and the Covid-19 pandemic have all pushed companies to adapt, sometimes at break-neck speed. So, where does that leave workers when traditional ways of working dry up? And how do you start thinking about your longer-term career and all that entails?

It's a daunting prospect thinking about a new career, especially as many of our members have spent their working lives inside a single company. Whether you're just looking to gain some new skills to complement the work you already do, update your CV, looking for the next step in your career path, or thinking about changing your career altogether - we're here to help you.

We've created an interactive guide which will help you:

  • consider your plans and what you want to achieve
  • think about your skills and consider what you might need to build on for your future plans
  • understand the importance of CVs and how to create one for your desired role
  • talk about bumping opportunities to help you on your way (only available in LBG & TSB)
  • understand what the union can do to support you
Play our interactive eBite Review the available support

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