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Pay award 2023 calculator

For members in Lloyds Banking Group.

On 3 November 2022, Lloyds Banking Group published its pay proposals for April 2023 following negotiations with Accord and Unite. You'll find more information about the pay proposals on our news story on the Accord website.

Pay ranges

Lloyds Banking Group uses Pay Groups and Pay Ranges to give structure and transparency to the way pay is managed. As part of the annual pay review, we negotiate increases to these pay ranges. You'll find all the LBG pay ranges for 2023 available to view.

Calculate your April 2023 increase

We have created a pay increase calculator to help our members understand the pay increase that would apply personally under the 2023 proposals. The calculator validates the % award that you'd receive under the proposals and much more. We explain what information it will show you, and how to use the calculator below. You can access the calculator on our website.

Create a 2023 pay illustration


What information will the calculator show me?

The calculator provides some information for our members to help understand the pay proposals. It is for illustrative purposes only.

  • Your full-time equivalent (FTE) salary if you work reduced hours.
  • Your current position in the pay range before the 2023 increase is applied.
  • The % increase you would receive under the proposals.
  • The £ increase you would receive under the proposals - if you're part-time we'll show you both the FTE salary and your actual salary increase.
  • Your new April 2023 salary under the proposals - if you're part-time we'll show you both the FTE salary and your actual salary.
  • Whether you'll be entitled to a cost-of-living payment, and how much this will be.
  • Changes related to the consolidation of your 4% flex into your salary from July 2023 - this is based off the April 2023 salary.
  • Changes related to the consolidation of the GPS award into your salary from July 2023 - this applies to Grade D+ only. We'll assume you participate in the standard GPS scheme. If you participate in a different scheme, you will not benefit from this consolidation and should ignore this figure.

How to use the calculator

This calculator will only help to calculate the increases in salary that were applicable in April 2023. It will not help you calculate previous or future increases. We will release further versions for future years.

  • Follow the link to our pay increase calculator (if you've previously used the excel file, please delete this and do not share it).
  • You’ll need your current salary, your grade and your pay range number and your weekly contracted hours (or average of your hours per week). Find out how to find your pay group number on Workday.
  • Enter your details and see what increase you'd be entitled to.
  • If you're part time, we'll calculate your full-time equivalent (FTE) salary (this is done by dividing your salary by your contracted weekly hours and then times by 35).

If you're having difficulty using the pay calculator, please get in touch: [email protected]


This pay calculator is for illustrative purposes only. There may be more complex personal circumstances that we can't cater for in our illustration. These include:

  • Job Security protection arrangements - PPA
  • Colleagues on Maternity/Paternity leave
  • Colleagues with non-consolidated Car Allowances
  • Colleagues on Specialist and Enhanced Bonus Schemes
  • Colleagues on HR and Audit Pay Ranges

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