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Hybrid working: Support for Accord members

For members in Lloyds Banking Group.

Bringing all LBG colleagues back into offices for at least 40% of their working time has been difficult to navigate given the range of reasons why colleagues have been working from home and the length of time arrangements have been in place.

Whilst solutions have been found for many, the challenge for others continues.

Prepared for Accord members by Edward Cooper, Head of Employment Department at law firm Slater & Gordon, please read our general legal advice and, if it applies to you, our legal advice specifically relating to members who worked from home pre-pandemic.

You can download our guide on how to approach 121 discussions with your line manager here.

If you’ve reached the end of 121 discussions and not been able to find a mutually acceptable solution, then we’re here to help and advise you on what next steps may be possible.

You’ll see from our legal advice that determining who is a contractual homeworker with a contractual right to work from home relies on the contract of employment or a subsequent change to that contract.

You should be able to find this information by logging into Workday, selecting View Profile > Maintain worker documents > candidate documents.

If you can’t find it there, you’ll need to raise a Workday request: Help > HR Enquiries > Payroll, Tax & Info Requests > Info Request > Your Contract.

You should also check to see what work location is recorded on Workday.

Once you’ve gathered all supporting information send it, together with a summary of your personal circumstances, to [email protected] and we’ll allocate an Accord Officer to advise you.

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