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Everyday Flexibility

For members in Lloyds Banking Group.

Everyday Flexibility is a commitment from Lloyds Banking Group to provide you with the flexibility you need for short, ad-hoc events if you are able to make up the hours somewhere in the week.

Last updated: 05/09/2023

What is Everyday Flexibility?

We think most teams and workplaces are flexible, with managers working with you to find solutions when ad-hoc events crop up. Lloyds Banking Group introduced its new commitment in July 2023 to give better direction to managers on how to support you when you need time off.

It’s subject to operational requirements which means that sometimes managers might not be able to approve time off or work with you to find an alternative.

Everyday Flexibility is available for anyone needing to take short-term ad-hoc time off during working hours.

What is the commitment?

There are three broad categories colleagues use Everyday Flexibility for - here is some more clarity on these:

  1. Ability to manage individual lifestyle needs for an hour or two e.g. leaving early to attend an evening class or volunteering. The expectation is that hours are worked across the week.
  2. Ability to flex the working day to manage life needs for an hour or two when they arise (ad-hoc) e.g. medical appointments, taking the car for an MOT or attending a parents evening. The expectation is that hours are made up across the week.
  3. Unplanned emergency needs, life’s complicated and when something happens, LBG will flex around you e.g. a call from the school to collect an ill child, a home being broken into or a relative hospitalised. The Group does not require these hours to be made up.

Does it need line manager approval?

Yes, you should give your line manager as much notice as practically possible. This will not always be possible for unplanned emergency needs.

Need assistance?

If you don't feel you're being treated fairly, or your circumstances are being considered, get in touch with your local Accord officer and they will help you to establish the best course of action.

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