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About associate membership

Leaving your employer doesn't mean you have to leave your union.

Did you know that you're entitled to be a member of the union of your choice, no matter who your employer is? If there’s a union at your new workplace, we recommend you join them for the simple reason they'll be involved in negotiating your terms and conditions of employment. But if there isn’t, then we’re well placed to look after your individual needs. Stay with us as an associate member.

Retiring or leaving on redundancy? You may not need the union for employment matters anymore, but you can retain your membership and make use of our benefits like our travel club, legal advice and will writing services. You can also remain in our monthly lottery draw to be in with the chance of winning £5k every month!

Associate membership is offered at a reduced monthly rate, take a look at our leaflet

Lots of our members who move to another employer or retire do choose to stay with us as an associate member. You’ll still be able to access advice, support, guidance and use the benefit schemes all for a reduced monthly rate.

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Changing to associate membership

It's easy to convert your membership to associate membership.

When you leave your employer and are eligible for associate membership, you can make a change by following these steps:

  • Login to the My profile self-service section of our website
  • Got to the Employment details section
  • Select the Edit button
  • Change your Employer to Associate
  • Select a Workplace from the list - if your workplace isn't listed, select Associate
  • Click Save changes

Note: any changes made in this section may take a few days to show in your account as our team need to verify and accept the changes.

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