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Are my family covered?

Accord membership covers you and your employment. We don't provide partner or wider family membership - they would need to be members too. 

Some of our membership benefits do cover your immediate family and in some cases your friends too, and we'll tell you where that is the case.

If your partner or family member has an employment issue and is seeking assistance, they should do this through their own union if they have one. If they're not a member of a union, but work for one of the employers we work with then we would encourage them to join Accord and seek support and guidance from us - bear in mind if they've been invited to a formal meeting then we wouldn't provide face to face representation on that occasion, but would still provide telephone & email advice and guidance.

If they don't work for an employer we work with, you can try finding a suitable union through the TUC union checker tool below. You can also obtain free legal advice for immediate family members through our legal service providers. Check out the legal services available for your area of the UK including contact details.

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