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Why should I become a rep?

Reps are the beating heart of Accord. We've got over five hundred trained workplace representatives across the country, who are on hand to help when things aren't going so well. No other union in either LBG or TSB can match this network of support.

Having union reps in workplaces is really important for us. Our members are able to gain access to support and guidance quickly, and locally from people they trust. Not only that, but we ask all of our reps to have regular meetings with their management to talk through any issues that arise locally - this helps us to address issues as they occur.

We've got plenty of support to help reps succeed, including our HQ team, our officers, and many experienced reps for you to learn from. We'll ask you to work closely with your local Accord officer to agree your responsibilities and tasks, and to provide you with the support you need.

Reps receive reasonable paid time-off to support you in carrying out your duties - including attending meetings, training, and building the union presence in your workplace.

Our workplace reps also help ensure safety in the workplace, and are involved in the regular risk assessments that your employer must undertake. They're also on hand should an accident occur and will, where necessary, independently establish the root cause and follow up actions.

We've got an interactive eBite guide which gives you more information about the role of the union rep, and how to get yourself elected if you're interested.

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