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What training do I get as a rep?

In order to carry out the duties required as an Accord rep, we need to train and accredit you. We do this through online training called eBites - as well as through face-to-face training programmes.

You need to go through our induction programme before you can start to undertake the duties of the rep role.

You're entitled to paid time off to attend any of our training, including our online eBites. But you should give adequate notice and agree the time off with your manager. We'll pay any reasonable expenses for face-to-face courses.

Type of trainingDetails
Rep inductionOur rep induction programme provides you with everything you need to get started in your role. The online programme consists of 7 eBites which are designed in bite-sized chunks – each should take around 45-60 mins. We start with a bit of a history lesson and a look at the union’s values, and then move through building your knowledge of Accord and the aspects of the rep role (including health and safety, and data protection).
Policies and representationOur policies and representation programme will provide you with everything you need to understand the policies that apply within your employer, and how you can help represent members in your workplace. We won’t accredit you for casework representation until you've completed this course. We’ll be working to launch a complete eBite programme throughout 2021. We’ve already launched an eBite covering the new health wellbeing and attendance policy in Lloyds Banking Group.
Rep leadershipWe offer a programme specifically designed for our senior workplace reps (our branch area reps and our divisional site leads in large workplaces). This programme is designed to support you if you’ve taken on this role and helps you to step up to take on the additional duties - including supporting the development of reps within your area of responsibility.
External trainingThe TUC offer a wide range of training and resources for union reps. We've got a page dedicated to some of the finest online training we think Accord reps should know about. Want more? There are plenty of additional courses available through TUC education.

Ready to get started?

Visit the online training section of our website to start your learning now.

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A note about classroom training

The majority of our reps training is conducted online through self-learning, but we may offer tailored induction course delivered through Microsoft Teams. We'd encourage all reps to first review our online eBite training programme as this offers comprehensive learning for new reps. 

If you need support with your training, contact your local Accord officer.

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