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Accord's values & aims

Our values are the principles that guide how we do business as a union in our members' interest. They help us focus on the right things and achieve the best results. Everything we do is governed by our rules which are agreed democratically through our members.

Below you'll find details about our core values.


We can't guarantee the work you do today is the work of tomorrow, but you should have a sense of security in your employment knowing that your employer will help you find another job, or that if the worst happens, you are able to leave with decent compensation for the loss of your job.


Unions should be free to support their members and represent their collective voice without interference from an employer. Accord believes in maintaining a financially strong and independent union and continues to take actions that will keep us that way for years to come.


Union reps are central to our success and a key strength. They support members in the workplace and resolve issues at local level before they escalate. They’re our beating heart and a big part of the Accord family.


Nobody should have to go to work and face bullying or harassing behaviour, nor should they feel afraid to be themselves at work and speak their voice. Accord campaigns for dignity at work for all workers.

Fair reward

We should all be paid fairly for the work we do. Accord has a good track record in negotiating improvements to pay and has campaigned through the TUC for the legal right to equal pay for men and women.


Accord opposes all forms of harassment, prejudice and unfair discrimination whether on the grounds of sex, race, ethnic or national origin, religion, colour, class, caring responsibilities, marital status, sexuality, disability, age, or other status or personal characteristic.

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