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TUC: Collective defined contribution pensions

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This online workshop, run jointly with the RSA, will explore the potential for a new type of pension scheme to provide better retirement incomes for workers in finance.

Collective defined contribution (CDC) schemes have been used in other countries for several decades, and have the potential to provide higher, more predictable pensions than the individual defined contribution schemes most private sector workers rely on in the UK.

After a long campaign by the CWU, legislation was introduced to allow UK employers to offer these pensions to their workers, and the Royal Mail will soon become the first employer to do so.

This workshop will be the first of a series bringing trade unionists and pension specialists together to explore the potential for employers in other industries follow the Royal Mail’s lead.

It will look at the variety of CDC schemes being developed, explain the latest legislative developments, and look at how unions can influence this process.

It will also look at the specific conditions in the finance sector that mean employers here can lead the way in developing CDC, and explore the role unions can play.

This workshop is open to any union officials or reps working in the finance sector with an interest in pensions.

To register, contact Jack Jones using the registration button.

 This event is hosted by the TUC. Accord is not responsible for this material.

Contact Jack Jones to attend

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