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Bank Workers Charity: The future of neurodiversity

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Did you know that a significant portion of the global population is neurodivergent, encompassing individuals with diverse neurological conditions such as ADHD, autism, dyslexia, and more?

Recent studies indicate that approximately 1 in 7 people globally identifies as neurodivergent, emphasising the prevalence and significance of neurodiversity in our society.

This statistic challenges traditional norms, urging us to embrace a more inclusive perspective that celebrates cognitive differences rather than viewing them as challenges.

In this webinar from the Bank Workers Charity they will delve into the story of neurodiversity so far, exploring research-backed insights on how we can create more supportive and inclusive workplaces.

What will be covered in the session:

 This is an externally hosted event by the Bank Workers Charity through the Zoom platform. Accord is not responsible for the material.

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