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Ballot box for pool rep elections with a hand posting a completed ballot. On a blue block background

Lloyds pool rep elections

This page details everything you need to know for the 2023 Lloyds pool rep election process.

Before self-nominating, please make sure you're eligible.

Any questions about the elections should be sent to [email protected].

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Check out the role profile How to get elected

To become a pool rep, you must:

  • Be 18 years old or more
  • Have worked for Lloyds Banking Group for at least one year
  • Be up-to-date with your union subs

Any grade can apply for the role and elected reps will have agreed time off for union duties. 

Anyone who wishes to be a pool rep must submit a self-nomination form no later than 5pm on Friday 23rd June. 

If an election is required, we'll be in touch to make the arrangements. 

Got a question? Email [email protected]

Read the pool rep profile How to get elected

Pool rep role profile

The pool representative role exists in each of the management pools within an area in the three community banks and is the heartbeat of our structure.

Job purpose:

To work with the support of LBG to establish strong union membership in your pool, while seeking to represent members’ views in a balanced and constructive manner through active and early dialogue with the senior bank manager. Able to influence management decision-making process, engage in joint problem solving when appropriate and promote all that is Accord.

What the role entails:

  • Supporting members to the best of your ability seeking an effective solution at local level whenever possible
  • Maintaining a working knowledge of specific LBG policies and procedures
  • Having regular check-ins with the senior bank manager
  • Attending quarterly meetings with other pool reps and the AD
  • Having a complete awareness of the membership within the branches in your pool
  • Recruiting new members
  • Maintaining membership levels across your pool
  • Keeping union notice boards up to date and delivering an unmistakable Accord presence in all branches in your pool
  • Communicating regularly with members using e-mail and face to face meetings, using material provided by the union
  • Referring to your Accord officer for help with advice to members
  • Encouraging constructive/objective feedback from members which should be fed to your area lead representative
  • Initiating and building close working relationships with members and managers across your pool
  • Performing health & safety checks

You’ll be trained on:

  • Arranging reasonable time off for union duties as directed by your regional officer
  • Dealing with members’ queries on issues such as travel & mobility and working pattern changes
  • The art of recruitment through guiding/advising new colleagues on contractual rights at induction
  • Retaining members through a model of engagement
  • Specific policy knowledge required to do your role
  • Ongoing promotion of membership benefits to existing members
  • Performing health & safety checks

The person:

  • Open & honest: Communicates clearly and openly, keeping members informed whilst also providing feedback to and from all participants in the relationship.
  • Fair & balanced: Approachable, actively looking for opportunities to add value by supporting members and positively challenging the way things are done. Able to see all sides of an issue and form a balanced view.
  • Win-win approach: Takes ownership of members’ issues and their resolution looking for ways of achieving win-win outcomes.
  • Focus on union growth: Recruits new members and retains existing members to improve/maintain membership levels. Uses pre-defined recruitment and retention models to good effect.

How to get elected

Fancy taking on the role? Great. Here’s what you need to do / know...

    • Submit a self-nomination form to let us know you're interested in being a pool rep - this must be done by 5pm on Friday 23rd June 2023 
    • On completing the self-nomination form, please provide the name and staff ID number of your proposer and seconder (both must be Accord members from your pool) 
    • If an election is needed for your pool (i.e. there are more candidates than available positions), you'll be contacted and an election will be arranged
    • Once elected, all reps will need to complete a data protection online training course and a training programme that will be delivered in-person (details will be confirmed via email to the elected reps)
    • Elected reps will have a term of office that will run until the next elections in September 2025

    If you've got any questions about the elections, please email [email protected]

    Submit self-nomination form