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15 February 2024

TSB pay review 2024

Our survey is open
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TSB pay review 2024

We’ve received lots of feedback to TSB’s 1st February announcements on the variable pay award for 2023 and pay proposal for April 2024. Thanks very much if you’ve told us what you think.

The main themes from the feedback were:

We’ve let TSB know about the feedback and are asking for further talks.

Collecting further feedback

It’s clear that those who responded were far from happy. But we only heard from a minority of our members in TSB.

So that we can be sure we’re accurately reflecting the views of all members, we’d really like you complete a short survey.

You can access the survey here. Please respond by Friday, 23rd February.

Thanks for being a member of Accord. Please give us your views now so we can live up to our commitments to you and to democratic decision-making.

Respond to our survey

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