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10 September 2021

Accord TSB newsround September 2021

A digest of the latest news
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A digest of all the latest news

We’ve continued our regular dialogue with TSB on a wide range of issues which effect your working life in the bank. Here’s a brief round-up of the news...

Regional & cluster changes in the branch network 

The bank announced this week that, following the branch closures earlier in the year, its focus now turns to the ‘branch transformation journey’. This includes support with recruitment, training and upskilling. This builds on the 150 branch refits and supports with the money confidence programme.

To deliver on this, the bank has aligned the Regional Senior Managers, Branch Transformation to report into the Head of Branch Transformation, Realisation.

This will mean realignment for the regions and clusters but there is little staff impact other than changes in reporting lines for some.

This is a positive step in TSB’s transformation journey which should provide much needed support. But, if members have any concerns or questions about the changes, please get in touch. Email [email protected].

Abusive customers

Following the concerns we raised with TSB about increasing incidents of abusive customer behaviour, the bank checked with all business areas to understand the frequency and seriousness of abusive customer incidents and whether colleagues were familiar with the steps to take.

As a result, the bank has reiterated its no tolerance policy and more training has been given to reinforce that this type of behaviour is not acceptable and will result in customer accounts being closed.

We welcome the swift action taken by the bank and we continue to monitor the situation.

Domestic abuse support

We’ve been involved in helping TSB shape its support for colleagues experiencing domestic abuse, and today the bank published new guidance.

The new domestic abuse support page includes lots of useful info on where to find support and can be found on TSB’s HR Hub. It’s intended to help any colleagues who are experiencing domestic abuse, suspect or know someone else who might be, or who are displaying behaviours of domestic abuse towards others.

Total reward statements

We’ve been talking to the bank for some time about this as we believe it’s good for colleagues to know the full value of their benefits.

You should have received an email with a link to your personal statement along with guidance on how to access your individual benefits at any point in time. The statement will include details of pension contributions from both yourself and TSB – remember you can increase your contributions if you’d like to. If you contribute 3% then the bank will contribute 8%, and if you increase your contribution to 5% then TSB will contribute 13%, so it’s really worth contributing as much as you can.

The statement will also include details of the flex benefits which you have selected for this year and other parts of your total reward.

Covid update

We continue to have weekly discussions with the bank regarding the current covid situation. Since the “pingdemic”, absence and attendance figures appear to have settled down and branches are steadily returning to their previous opening hours. However, the bank are remaining close to this and Regional Directors are taking swift action to support wellbeing.

If you have any concerns, please email [email protected].

Recruitment and staffing levels

Staffing levels, recruitment and attrition are amongst the biggest concerns being reported to the union by members at the moment. We’re being told that staffing levels are so lean in some areas that as soon as there’s an absence, it puts stress on others.

The bank has assured us that all is being done to attract new applicants. It has increased starting salaries and streamlined its onboarding process but unfortunately there are still not enough applicants in some areas.

This is an ongoing problem industry wide - not just in TSB. But we’ll continue to work with the bank to look for solutions.

Why not volunteer to be an Accord representative?

We’re on the look out for more new reps to join our team.

In particular in the branch network – Yorkshire, East England, London and South East areas. Business sites - Henry Duncan House, Barnwood and Swansea. But if you’re from other areas and are interested, we’d still love to hear from you.

If you’d like to know more about what we do and have your say in helping influence the future of TSB business whilst supporting your colleagues, then please get in touch with [email protected].

You’re allowed paid time-off work for trade union duties and full training will be given.

Carers policy reminder

This was negotiated last year and you’ll find the full policy details on the HR Intranet pages. The key points of this policy are that if you have caring responsibilities (you don’t have to be a registered carer), TSB will give you 70 hours paid time off per year (pro rata if you work part time or reduced hours).

So, if you need to take a family member or someone else you help to look after to a medical appointment or dentist for example, then you take it from this time – you don’t have to take holiday or try squeeze these responsibilities into your day off.

This is a very supportive policy which was negotiated with Accord and Unite so please take a look at the policy – it could be of real benefit to you.

BWC webinar: Back to the office - managing anxiety & a safe return

On Wednesday 29th September, we’re teaming up with the Bank Workers Charity for a webinar to explore the relationship between change, uncertainty and anxiety and to look at some strategies we can adopt that will help us deal with any fears we have, to negotiate a safe return to offices.

BWC Logo

The session will cover:

This one-hour event will be hosted by Accord through the Microsoft Teams platform. The session will start at 2.05pm but participants are encouraged to join a few minutes before.

Unable to attend? A recording will be made available on the Accord website after the session.

Book your place

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