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14 April 2022

Accord TSB newsround

April 2022
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Your newsround this month...

Pay 2022

Following on from the consultation with members on the proposals for the April 2022 pay review, Accord has signed an Agreement with TSB to implement the proposals.

The pay settlement doesn’t match the current rate of inflation which has reached a new peak, but taken with the Variable Pay Award, TSB staff will fare better than many other employees in the UK this year.

This is not to say that the cost-of-living crisis isn’t real and isn’t hurting, but the crisis isn’t only the responsibility of employers and unions. Government has a responsibility too and could do more to help struggling families.

There are also things that TSB could do to help staff outside of the pay arena. We're talking with the bank and other parties about the facilities and support that can be made available to help staff manage their finances.

More information will follow but please get in touch with us if you need help now. Email [email protected].

Employment policies

We continue to have regular policy consultations with the bank and there have been some significant improvements in policies to the benefit of employees. Recent developments include:

Increased parental leave

The improved policy provides increased paid leave for the co-parent from 2 weeks to 20 weeks and paid maternity leave increase to 20 weeks from 17 weeks.

This means any parent, regardless of their route to becoming a parent, can take up to one year of parental leave with the first 20 weeks being paid.

The bank has also introduced a minimum of two weeks paid leave for anyone suffering from or impacted by pregnancy loss (this means mums and dads).

This has been very well received by members and makes TSB one of the leading employers in this field.

Flexible working

The policy has been changed to allow for requests at any time as it's recognised that life changes can happen at short notice and may require support with more flexible working.

We've been assured by the business that requests will be supported positively wherever possible.

Carers policy

This gives colleagues with carer responsibilities up to 70 hours (pro rata) of paid leave per year.

The policy and eligibility criteria are available on TSB's intranet. If you need any support with these, please get in touch.

Looking ahead, we're talking with the bank about more flexible working plans such as opportunities for compressed working weeks and what “full time” working means. 

If you have any comments, questions or would like us to look at any other policies, please get on touch. Email [email protected].

Career progression

This is a concern that members raise regularly. The bank says it recognises the concern and assures us that there are now more opportunities to learn about and move into other business areas, with upskilling opportunities and qualifications that are externally recognised.

The ‘Tap into Talent’ career portal (which was trialled following the last branch closures) was well received and we’ve asked the bank how this concept could support others. Career development information and workshops from the recent career confidence week are available on the intranet. More to follow on career confidence soon.

Whilst acknowledging the positive steps that have been taken, members want more to be done. We continue to discuss this with the bank along with other opportunities for apprenticeships, secondments, deputisation and accessibility.

Support for managers

We believe that having to be aware of all the policies and support that is available to colleagues in their teams can become a big ask of managers, and we're talking to the bank about what more time and support can be provided.

With the increased focus on supporting diversity and inclusion, different medical conditions, different learning styles in the workplace along with numerous policies that underpin colleague support at work, we need to ensure that there’s sufficient time given to re-train, remind and refresh.

Accord reps

We're delighted with the response from TSB members showing an interest in becoming an Accord rep. Eleven new reps have joined our existing team. They're in the process of undertaking training and will soon be introducing themselves to colleagues in their areas.

We still have room for more - so if you're interested and would like to know, please contact Linda Crouch: [email protected].

Conference 2022


Accord’s biennial delegate conference is held every two years. It’s the biggest and most important event in our calendar as it sets Accord’s agenda for the next two years.

This year, we’re heading to Manchester on 19th & 20th May 2022 for our first ever hybrid conference (mix of in-person and online attendance).

In-person spaces are limited to Accord reps only. However, members have the option to join virtually. You can register to join virtually using this form - joining details will be sent to online attendees nearer the time.

Visit our conference 2022 webpage for further information.

Register to join conference virtually

Let us know your thoughts 

If you have any feedback on the above items or would like other items to be included in our discussions with TSB then please contact [email protected]

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