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13 January 2021

Branch opening: A step forwards

Newsflash for all TSB members
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TSB: A Step forwards

The following newsflash was issued to members in TSB today following further talks with the bank about branch opening hours. 

As reported on Friday, we had further talks with TSB on Monday and as a result, branch opening hours changed from yesterday. More branches will be closed on Saturdays during the current restrictions too.

Disappointingly, some partners will still be expected to stay in branches until 5pm which might mean travelling to and from work in peak times which potentially increases the risk of infection. If you have to travel on crowded public transport, please let us know so we can pick the matter up again with the bank.

We have made the case to TSB that partners shouldn’t be staying in branches just for the sake of it. If there is work to be done that helps the business and its customers then that’s fine, but otherwise managers should be empowered to let staff go home before 5pm and there should be no loss of pay or time having to be made up.

We hope that the new Government messaging will reduce the number of customers visiting branches for ‘trivial’ purposes as we work through the pandemic. That said, it’s important not to turn customers behaviourally away from branches forever.

We’ll continue to monitor activity and take up your issues with the bank’s leadership teams. We want your feedback so please let us have it.

Thanks for everything you’re doing and for supporting positive employer / union engagement in these unprecedented times.

Newsflash ends.

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