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13 February 2024

Vote for your new President

2024-2026 term
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Vote for your new President

Neil Macgill

In accordance with Accord’s rules, our current President, Neil Magill, will end his term of office at the close of our Conference in Glasgow this April.

We’ll be saying thank you to Neil for guiding the union though the last four tumultuous years separately, but we now need to elect his successor.

So, it’s time to elect our new President.

Mi-Voice(of Epsilon House, Enterprise Road, Southampton Science Park, Southampton, S016 7NS) has been appointed as the Independent Scrutineer of the election.

The election will be governed by the approved regulations.

Under trade union law, the election must take place by post.

Ballot papers will be posted to the home addresses of members who are eligible to vote on Friday, 16th February.

So look out for the envelope, then complete and return the ballot paper in the pre-paid envelope that will be provided.

The ballot paper must be back with the Scrutineer before noon on Tuesday, 19th March 2024.

The result will be published as soon as practicable afterwards.

The candidates

There are three candidates: Allison Howie, Richard Joyce and Carol Knowles.

You’ll receive a booklet including their candidate statements and CVs along with your ballot paper.

Allison Howie
Allison Howie
Carol Knowles
Carol Knowles
Richard Joyce
Richard Joyce

Principal Executive Council

There were 17 candidates nominated and supported to serve on the Principal Executive Council (PEC) from Conference 2024 through to the end Conference 2026.

There will be no election for the PEC as the number of candidates matches the number of available seats. More information on the members of the PEC will be provided in the next edition of our members’ magazine and on this website.

Any queries should be referred to: [email protected] or the Scrutineer [email protected]

Election regulations

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