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30 October 2023

Accord members vote YES

2024/25 pay offer in Lloyds Banking Group
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Pay 2024 & 2025: Big YES in record vote of Accord members

Our members’ ballot closed at noon on Friday 27 October.

When our ballot closed at noon last Friday 27 October, a record turnout of nearly 70% of eligible Accord members had voted. Of those, the majority in favour of the proposals was nearly 4:1.

General Secretary Ged Nichols said:

"We’re delighted that the deal we negotiated is so well supported.We’ll now sign an agreement with LBG that means members and their families will generally have more certainty about their incomes through to 2026."

The certificate from the independent ballot scrutineer is available to view here.

Accord listens to all members and there are concerns from those who voted against the proposals. We’ll do our best to address them.

We’ll say more about this next week when a full analysis of the ballot results has taken place.

Any members who want more information or would like to discuss personal views should email: [email protected]

A huge thank you to everybody who voted.

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