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20 October 2021

Lloyds Banking Group announce the closure of 41 Lloyds & 7 Halifax branches

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The changing demands of banking - further branch closures

This is the second announcement in 2021 and the overall level of staff reductions expected as part of this announcement is 178 (full-time equivalent). Today's announced closures are scheduled between January and April 2022.

In accordance with a long-standing agreement with Accord and Unite, the staff reductions will be achieved by voluntary means as far as possible.

But whenever a branch closes, there’s an impact on employees and the bank’s customers.

For our members, there’s the possibility of disruption to their working hours, travel arrangements, roles and work-life balance. For customers, the inconvenience of getting used to where their nearest alternative branch or Post Office is.

We fully appreciate that the demand for high street branch banking is diminishing, especially since the pandemic with customers increasingly moving to telephony and app-based banking. However, we’ll be examining and discussing LBG’s future plans to ensure that they’re properly thought through and robustly evidenced.

Saving jobs, preventing redundancies

So far, all branch closures have been managed without any compulsory redundancies. Both Accord and LBG will aim for the same outcome here.

We’ll be contacting our members who are impacted by this announcement to offer support and advice.

Any more general enquiries should be referred to [email protected].

Full list of branches to close

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