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30 March 2023

Lloyds Banking Group to reassign 85 colleagues

As Personal Bank Account Complaints volumes reduce dramatically
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85 colleagues to be reassigned as Personal Bank Account Complaints volumes reduce dramatically

85 colleagues will move to other complaint management roles as part of a phased transition starting in April 2023.

No colleague will be placed at risk of redundancy, a position which Accord fully supports following the introduction of the Career Mobility Policy introduced in February 2023.

This is good news for Accord members bringing certainty to many following the reduction in complaint volumes.

We’ve worked hard to ensure that individual personal circumstances will be considered fully by the “go to” business area, especially as there will be a need to realign working patterns to suit the different opening hours.

Any Accord member who faces working hours/pattern changes or impacts to work/life balance that they can’t work through locally will have our full support to find a mutually acceptable and fair solution.

Supporting members

We’ll be contacting members impacted by the changes to offer support and guidance.

Any more general enquiries should be referred to [email protected]

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