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16 January 2024

Accord secures remote working
& other changes in Personal Banking

Newsflash for LBG Personal Banking members
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Accord's feedback secures changes in Personal Banking

It’s good to know that our voice is being heard.

Based on feedback from Accord and its members, the Personal Banking leadership team has taken the decision to fully recognise the ‘remote first’ nature of its business by removing the requirement for colleagues to work on site except for teams get together days or if a colleague needs support with performance. You can still choose to work on site if that’s your preference.

In addition, a test is underway to get new recruits working from home sooner than the current mandatory 3 months on site. And the need for 100% checking of complaints by TMs has been removed, reducing the time-consuming element of this difficult role.

All changes that we fully support.

Your feedback makes a difference

These changes make a significant difference to the working lives of our members - we'd encourage you to keep providing us with feedback so that we can continue campaigning on the issues that matter most to you. 

We’re in regular communication with this business area and have other items on our agenda to improve members’ working lives. For example, we think the current headcount under each manager needs to be reduced and are campaigning to get this sorted.

Feedback is always welcome and should be sent to [email protected]

Not a member? Join us now - together we're a stronger voice.

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