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30 November 2023

Over 3,000 affected by change programmes

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Lloyds Banking Group announce significant changes to their platforms approach to business transformation

Huge changes have been announced in Lloyds Banking Group today in its platforms approach to business transformation.

Changes have also been announced in the Group Chief Operating Office, the Chief Technology Office Risk and the Transport business.

All impacted staff have already been briefed by their line management.

In what can only be described as a massive organisational shake-up, over 3,000* colleagues will be affected by change programmes.

Some will be immediately at risk of redundancy, but new roles are being created too. In fact, there will be a net growth in the number directly employed by LBG in 2024. Investments are being made in skills and training to equip staff for the new roles that will become available.

But some people will be facing possible redundancy due to the future platforms operating from fewer locations or because the roles they currently carry out are no longer needed.

In his message to staff today, LBG’s Group Chief Operating Officer, Ron van Kemenade said:

We’re unable to give a final breakdown of the role reductions at this stage. But as a guide, to be as up-front as we can, across all platform teams around 2,800 people will be included in selection exercises and taking into account location changes and reduced demand for certain roles and skills, we do expect some colleagues not to secure a role through this change.”

Accord is committed to ensuring that compulsory redundancies are minimised and that those who leave the business receive the full value of their heritage redundancy compensation terms.

For those who are successful in the selection processes, we want to make sure that the re-training and re-skilling sets them up to succeed in the future and that they get the benefit of personal grade protection arrangements negotiated by the union.

*figures rounded by Accord

Union concerns & challenges

A concern that the union is challenging is LBG’s intention to make appointments to new roles subject to colleagues giving up their compressed hours unless they have a documented and agreed exemption. In other words, if you won’t give up your compressed working pattern then you won’t get one of the new jobs. This flies in the face of the agreement previously reached with Accord that no colleague would be forced to give up their compressed hours.

We’re also challenging the level of support on offer to colleagues who agree to change location to keep their jobs which, in our view, isn’t good enough.

We’ve contacted all impacted Accord members offering them advice and support at this difficult time and to let them know that we’ll be with them at every stage of this challenging change programme.

Any queries should be referred to [email protected]

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