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01 October 2021

Update on new ways of working

Newsflash tor LBG members
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Timeline for transition

LBG’s Matt Sinnott shared an important update on “next steps for new ways of working” in an Interchange message earlier this week. 

The notable dates and changes for those colleagues who work in LBG offices/sites are:

4 October 2021

1 November 2021

Affecting all staff is the more significant decision to end the Group’s commitment to pay staff no matter how they’re affected by Covid. From 1st November the Group will revert to its normal sick pay and leave options.

There are two exceptions:

The emergency support measures have served staff well and helped many through exceptionally difficult circumstances so we’re disappointed that they’re being withdrawn. That said, we always knew that this would happen at some point.

If you’ve been on emergency paid absence then to soften the blow, you’ll be entitled to full sick pay and leave from 1st November 2021. And new starters will now benefit from 20 days occupational sick pay (previously they only received statutory sick pay for their first 6 months of employment).

In addition, the bank has committed to give line managers flexibility and discretion to support individual circumstances. And we’re here to make sure that flexibility and discretion is applied fairly.

The arrangements that will apply from 1st November 2021 are in this sick pay guide.

If you don’t think you’re being treated fairly, get in touch with the Accord officer who covers your workplace.

If pandemic related circumstances change, we’ll not hesitate to press for emergency support to be reintroduced. And we’ll be pressing for more improvements to occupational sick pay from day 1 of employment so that staff can afford to take time off work when they need to without creating financial hardship for themselves and their families.

We hope that enough has been learned through the pandemic about the importance of good communications and a supportive mindset when dealing with the challenges that the pandemic has created and will continue to create for staff. We value the commitment given in Matt Sinnott’s latest update that:

“… managers will of course still have flexibility and discretion to support you based on your individual circumstances. We’re absolutely committed to supporting everyone’s wellbeing and you should continue to observe the advice or requirements if you have symptoms of Covid or have been in close contact with someone who does.”

As has been the case since the start of the pandemic, we’re available to provide practical advice and support to members. If you experience problems getting back to a more ‘normal’ way of working, we’re here to help.

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