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27 November 2023

More than 2,500 jobs at risk in shake-up

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More than 2,500 jobs at risk in Lloyds shake-up

The story from the Guardian on Friday, 24th November has, understandably, worried many staff in Lloyds Banking Group and members have been asking the union for information.

Accord’s Ged Nichols said today:

“It’s deeply frustrating when information is leaked to the media because so much effort is put into communication plans, making sure that staff find out news in the right way and the support mechanisms they need are in place.

When there’s a major change programme it’s important that Line Managers and appropriate Union Reps are pre-briefed so they can properly support those who are impacted by the changes when the details are announced.

We appreciate that this is a very worrying time but any changes will be managed in accordance with the agreed policies for avoiding redundancies.

We will be providing advice and support to members who are impacted not only when the announcement is made but through to the end of the change process and beyond."

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