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27 April 2023

Hybrid and compressed hours working

Proposed changes in LBG
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Proposed changes to hybrid and compressed hours working

In a note to all LBG colleagues this morning, the Group’s Chief Executive announced that all staff who work partly from home will be expected to spend two days each week (or 40% of their time) in offices.

In addition, in a pilot in the People & Places function and the Consumer Lending business, staff who currently benefit from compressed hours working will be asked to agree new working patterns with their managers to end this practice.

Many Accord members have been in touch with us already to express their shock, disappointment and anger at what they see as unnecessary disruption to their lives.

We want to make clear that LBG has not asked the union for an agreement on the proposed changes. If it did, it wouldn’t get one.

These changes will do immediate and tangible damage to members’ working lives, work/life balance and their family budgets.

Any benefits to Lloyds Banking Group are not immediate or tangible in our view. Even if the changes can be introduced for the target population, we believe there will be a tremendous loss of goodwill and other currently unforeseen negative consequences.

It’s a reasonable and lawful request under the employment contract to ask employees to have exploratory conversations about changing their working arrangements and to agree those changes if possible.

But some people will not be able to commit to the new requirements without suffering significant personal difficulties. 

In our view, as the employer is initiating the potential changes, it should listen to what colleagues have to say and agree not to implement change where it would cause significant personal difficulty, or it should provide tangible support to enable and facilitate the change it looks for.

Supporting our members

If individuals cannot change their current arrangements, then Accord will provide them with advice and support.

If you’re a member of Accord who is affected by one or both proposals, want more information or need help to deal with your individual situation - get in touch with your Accord Officer.

If you're not currently a member of Accord – now's a good time to join. It’s quick and easy to join online here.

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