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14 May 2021

Diligenta announce 2021 pay proposals

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2021 pay proposals

Diligenta has published details of its annual pay review following negotiations with Accord and Unite.

During the consultations, emphasis was placed on the negative impact the pandemic has had on both revenue and profitability over the last year. But the business is keen to recognise and reward colleagues for all their hard work and continued resilience.

Accord was seeking to secure an increase in members’ pay in real terms and for Diligenta to reward staff who had been promoted and taken on more responsibilities.

The main points of the offer, which was reached after extensive joint discussions, are:

We want to hear from you

Accord is keen to hear members' thoughts on the outcome of the pay negotiations. 

Members in Diligenta should send feedback to [email protected] no later than Monday 24th May.

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