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25 July 2022

Cost-of-living support in TSB

Staff to get £1,000
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Great news on cost-of-living support for TSB staff

Following talks between Accord, Unite and TSB, the bank is taking action to support staff in grades B to D with cost-of-living issues.

Staff will get £500 paid through salaries in October 2022 then again in February 2023.

The payment will be the same irrespective of contractual working hours meaning that the lowest earning employees will get the greatest proportionate benefit.

In addition, the bank is creating a TSB Hardship Fund in conjunction with the Bank Workers Charity to offer grants to current and former TSB colleagues and pensioners for unexpected events that result in a drop in income or increased outgoings.

Commenting this morning, Accord’s Ged Nichols said:

We’re really pleased that TSB has listened and acted on this. Hopefully, the move will significantly reduce the worry and stress for staff and their families about their finances over the winter. It demonstrates yet again that positive industrial relations pays dividends for employees. We wish all Accord members a great summer in the meantime. Well done TSB!

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