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27 July 2023

LBG's Community Bank career mobility programme

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Community Bank career mobility

Lloyds and Halifax Community Banks have announced the launch of a career mobility programme to encourage grade A and B branch colleagues to consider roles in different parts of the Group.

Over time, the intention is to reduce colleague numbers in over-staffed pools through voluntary reassignments to other business areas, across all three community banks.

The small number of pools selected to participate in the initial phase are said to have more colleagues than are needed to serve customers.

Roles are available at grade A in Personal Banking Telephony and grade B in Fraud & Disputes. Other roles in various business areas will become available in future to provide a range of opportunities for colleagues to consider.

Initial 121s should have taken place by now to make sure colleagues know what’s happening. Follow up meetings to discuss individual preferences will be organised shortly and colleagues will be asked to complete a homeworking survey to identify any barriers to working remotely in these telephony roles.

When all the information is collated, LBG will look at best fit for the roles available and will communicate outcomes by the end of August 2023.

It’s inevitable that customer demand within branches will continue to reduce. The mobility programme aims to avoid job losses by redeploying as many colleagues as possible.

For our impacted members, there will be several key considerations which we can help with:

There are many good stories of colleagues who moved from branches into WFH roles successfully and our hope is that colleagues preferencing for one of the roles will find the experience to be worthwhile. 

We’re here to help members in scope, so if you need advice and guidance on any aspect of this change, please contact our advice line on 0118 934 1808 or email [email protected] and you’ll be referred to one of our experienced officers who'll support you through this change.

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